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As of today I have 184 questionnaires in my possession. Thank you very kindly to all respondents. My goal is to obtain 200 + questionnaires and so anyone interested in completing one, please contact me.

In order to see in one regard where my blogs stand, I have decided to no longer have one links list for both blogs, but to have a list for each blog. Each list will have links to those that have linked to that particular blog, providing I am willing to link of course. Please, no one be offended if I removed your blog from a links list on one of my blogs, as it is still linked on my other theology related blog. If I have missed a link somewhere, please let me know. I have removed Christian-bloggers because I am unimpressed with how they present the blogs, as sites are too hard to find.

I have therefore changed my philosophy of linking somewhat and now the related section of point 2 from A philosophy of linking on thekingpin68, reads.

I really appreciate all of you that link with one or both of my theology related blogs. I realize that some persons only like one of the blogs enough to link and that is understandable. As far as blogs are concerned, I may link a blog on thekingpin68 or satire and theology that links my blog in return, or at least links something important relating to my blog. I believe in mutual support.

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