Jackie Chan: actual stunts

Thanks to Solar Crash, in my links, for presenting this video. Please check out his blog.

Jackie Chan is brave and entertaining. Personally, from watching the video, if I was to attempt any of the ten stunts, I would find number six the most frightening. It appears though that number one may have caused Mr. Chan the most personal injury.

Which stunt would frighten you most to attempt?

Should a person, in particular with a wife and young children, take the risks as a stuntman that Mr. Chan does?

Would it be reasonable for a Christian to take such risks with his/her life?

I reason the work is legitimate, but I would certainly take every reasonable precaution, if it was my career.

I am thinking that Mr. Chan could write a book on how to survive horrific accidents related to his stunt attempts. In other words, for example, how to survive falling from several stories. It could practically be quite a useful book.


Below is an old article with some new comments concerning a fisherman's real life battle the Royal Bank. Please look at two comments in regard to Corporate Bully.


My Mom sent me this cartoon, and she is a senior.

Nature receives a red card

My latest from thekingpin68


My Mom owned an old album when I was child, by The Association. One of the songs was Windy. I would not be a bit surprised if Wendy's has used the song for commercial purposes.

And Windy has stor-my eyes
That flash at the sound of lies...blah, blah, blah.

The following clip is from a South African football/soccer match January 17, 2007.

The Orlando Pirates are playing the Black Leopards. The YouTube author states:

A sudden gust of wind pulls out the sign boards on the side of the field and blows them viciously across the pitch, hitting the linesman and a few players!

The events from this featured clip are fascinating to watch. This clip reminds me that I am not in control of my life, or the lives of others. I am not stating that anyone died in the incident, but Hebrews 9:27 comes to mind, from the New American Standard Bible, where it is noted that it is appointed once for a person to die and then judgment takes place. The parable from the Luke 12:16-21 is also relevant, where a rich fool loses his life and possessions, and does not have everlasting riches with God. The sufferings of Job can be considered here, as he was according to the NASB, in Job 1:2, blameless, upright, fearing God, and turning away from evil, yet before the end of Chapter 1, he had suffered much, and this was willingly allowed by God.

Since we all suffer and will die eventually, I reason that within the Western world there needs to be a greater priority placed on the study of philosophy and theology. It should be taught in high school/secondary school. This teaching needs to be presented with an open-mind, examining various worldviews. I am not calling for the indoctrination of Christianity for students. But, too many persons want no public dialogue and this leaves so much suffering and death as rather meaningless for many in our society. It is as if some persons are seeking fulfilling, meaningful lives they reason shall end in death and nothingness, and yet they do not consider it valuable to ponder on this most serious process.

Columbian football manager dives, wins academy award, brawl ensues

Here is some more soccer stupidity. I did not capitalize academy, this is a special football version.:)

1. It is tragic to see apparently 18 people stabbed, and 80 injured. I do not find this amusing. If I would have been in the stadium, I would have looked for a quick exit stage left, or right....forget the fighting.

2. The initial incident with the coach being hit and falling over, was a classic football dive. I reason that he made it look like he fell backwards. I do find that quite amusing, but do not in any way find the resulting brawls amusing.

3. A partial solution would appear to be that more security/police are needed for these events.


On the seriousness of the brawl and injuries.

On the shenanigans of the coach.


A theology of common sense

I am in the process of final PhD thesis revisions, and I am therefore very busy. I have presented a fairly short new article on thekingpin68 dealing with my MPhil and PhD thesis topic, the problem of evil.


In life, philosophy and theology can be used in all types of practical settings. Much of what this blog is about is philosophy and theology in everyday life situations, with often a satirical twist. Thekingpin68 blog allows me to write with academic theology, philosophy and Biblical studies and this blog allows me to examine these disciplines in everyday situations.

I reason theologically, within a Christian tradition, God desires followers to have and use common sense. Human beings are corrupted by sin (Romans 1-3) and have finite, limited, minds, but we are to attempt to avoid situations where we can hurt ourselves, others, or damage property. The book of Proverbs in the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament is a text which uses much common sense.



The Book of Proverbs is a collection of moral and philosophical maxims of a wide range of subjects presented in a poetic form. This book sets forth the "philosophy of practical life". It is the sign to us that the Bible does not despise common sense and discretion. It impresses upon us in the most forcible manner the value of intelligence and prudence and of a good education.

Easton Illustrated Dictionary



Ancient proverbs are usually short statements that give advice or express some truth about human behavior. Wisdom and common sense were important in all ancient cultures. The wise sayings in Proverbs share a view of wisdom commonly held in the ancient world, but they differ from the wisdom of other nations on the key point of where wisdom comes from. In Proverbs, wisdom is seen as directly related to the LORD’s instruction. The truly wise person is the one who worships and honors the LORD and lives according to the LORD’s commandments.

American Bible Society

Trusting in the Biblical God is deemed essential as Proverbs 14:12 implies:

There is a way which seems right to a man,
But its end is the way of death.

New American Standard Bible

Common sense is something which for me seems to increase with age. I have never been charged for an automobile accident and lost any standing with insurance, but when I was younger and learning how to drive I had a few mishaps, which were due largely to lack of experience and common sense.

In the first clip the driver must be a four-wheel drive ace, and in the second clip the driver wants to drive through the car wash on his/her own terms. My Dad was part owner of a service station which included a car wash in the 1970s and an older gentleman rather than turning his engine off and having his car taken through the car wash on the tracks, decided to drive through. He then complained to my Dad about the damage to the car. My Dad had heard the crashing sound from the garage.

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Sick of your congregation?

Notre Dame de Paris (photo from trekearth.com)

Notre Dame would be a classy place to church plant.

Chucky found this funny fictional article.


BIG TIMBER, Mont. — Without their consent or knowledge, a pastor in rural Montana has sold his church and congregation on eBay for $3 million.

"I finally got good and sick of them," says Tad Marshall, pastor for 15 years who completed the secret sale last week. "This serves them right. All of them."

But many in the church are stunned by the Marshall family’s sudden departure.

"We had such a good relationship," says Winifred Barnes. "Whenever I called him in the middle of the night to pray for my psoriasis, he was happy to help. I’m surprised he would treat us this way."

Others expressed similar feelings.

"We would stop by for surprise visits every time he had a day off, and his wife was always quick to put a pot of coffee on," says Fred Souther. "We’d sit there and chat for hours. Those were wonderful times."

One woman recalls how Pastor Marshall responded to her plea to visit her ailing mother every day during her prolonged illness at a hospital 78 miles away.

"I don’t think he did it because we threatened to quit the church. I think he was genuinely concerned for Mother even though she was in a coma," she says. "We would sit with her for hours singing hymns to her. I could tell he was blessed by it."

Another longtime member recalls the day a group of women surprised the pastor’s wife with an impromptu shopping trip.

"It was clear she was unable to afford modest clothing, so we charged right in and threw away everything in her closet," she says. "Then we bought her new ankle-length dresses with long sleeves. She cried tears of joy that day. She kept saying, ‘I can’t believe you’re doing this.’ It was a bonding moment for all of us."

Even the board, which had its share of differences with Marshall, recalls him fondly. They say he happily abided by the church’s Dress and Grooming Code, kept sermons to 23 minutes as the board required and even abandoned his use of the New Living translation on Sunday morning.

"Once he understood it is a devilish translation that twists the words of the original spoken English, he said he’d be happy to go back to using the Authorized King James Version," an elder says. "That’s the way Tad was. A real go-along guy."

Friends from out of state say Marshall came to rural Montana hoping to find a friendly lifestyle where he could help good-hearted people grow closer to Christ. Instead he found "an enclave of faux-Christian Pharisees" who demanded he serve their every whim, says one seminary buddy. One day while selling old exercise equipment on eBay to supplement his church income, which had been docked by the board because a service had gone too long, Marshall decided to rid himself of the congregation in a creative way.

His eBay listing emphasized the positive: "This delightful country church sits on 2 acres of land. Comes complete with congregation and 35 regular tithers! Sunday school wing, no mortgage. Bids start at $200,000."

Recent Bible college graduates bid first, hoping to gain a built-in congregation on the cheap. Then several entrepreneurs with ministry ambitions swooped in, driving the price up. Kevin Silver, a 39-year-old former Internet company founder, won with a last-minute bid. He is looking forward to "leaving the spiritual corruption of the big city behind" and taking the helm of the rural congregation.

"I always wanted to serve at a little country church where decent people just want to pursue God," he says. "My wife and I are looking forward to settling into community life and getting to know these wonderful folks. This will be a great second chapter of life for us."

Chucky: I think a lot of pastors may get a kick from this article...

Well, I have never called my pastor at 3 a.m. in the morning to ask him to pray for me concerning a battle with constipation. I have never been on my pastor's case insisting that he only teach that 17th Century English Bible. So, did God not only inspire the original Biblical Scripture, but also the 17th Century English Authorized King James Version of 1611? If God did not inspire the Authorized King James Version did he at least bless it in such a way that it was the one and only authoritative version of the Bible? I mainly read The New American Standard Bible and reason I should review all relevant Greek manuscripts and related translations if need be. I do use the King James Version as well.


King-James-Only Movement

The King-James-Only Movement is a position, usually of Fundamentalist Protestant Christians of English-speaking countries, which rejects all modern versions of the Bible, accepting only the King James Version (KJV), also known as the Authorized Version (AV), as the one and only true and correct Bible.

Notre Dame de Paris (photo from Wikipedia)