I could see my friend Chucky being asked to do this at work, since he is such a nice guy.;) Perhaps a colleague becomes sick of computing and needs a rest.

1. Here is another good movie review from Timotheus, an article on Spider-Man 3.

2. That link ties into this point. I have turned my formerly inner circle satire blog, kingpinned, into a site featuring my small but decently impressive comic art collection. This is a minimal work blog for me in which I only post the books and have no desire to write or be involved in comments. If someone ever wishes to comment concerning kingpinned, they can do so on this blog.

3. Over on thekingpin68, I have written a short article entitled The eschatology of evil. This topic relates somewhat to my work on the problem of evil and theodicy. I presently have 178 questionnaires in my possession and I am still looking for more assistance.

4. Congratulations to Technorati for improving their service to me the last few weeks. My philosophical theology blog was outdated ranking wise for half a year, but after several times contacting them, things were updated, and have been kept updated. This blog was improperly named on Technorati when I awoke this morning and they fixed the problem quite quickly after I emailed them.

5. From the Albert Mohler website:

The Problem of Evangelical Identity

Francis Beckwith's recent announcement that he was resigning his position as president of the Evangelical Theological Society, and withdrawing his membership, due to his return to the Roman Catholic Church, has prompted a flurry of discussion. On today's program, Dr. Mohler is joined by Dr. Bruce Ware, vice president of ETS, to attempt to analyze what Beckwith's announcement suggests of how evangelical identity should best be understood.

That is quite a move from being the president and member of an evangelical society to a return to the Roman Catholic Church. I am solidly within the Reformed camp as one can reason from reading thekingpin68 and satire and theology, but I do think that anyone that believes and trusts in the Biblical God, and the atoning work and resurrection of Christ for salvation is part of God's Kingdom. Verses such as John 3:16, John 14:6, and Acts 4:12 mention and allude to Biblical concepts that belief and trust in the true God and the work of Christ are required for salvation, and therefore it can be reasoned that near perfect theology is not required for entrance into God's Kingdom. However, I must state that I firmly believe in asking the Lord for an understanding of the most correct theology possible in conjunction with being guided by the Holy Spirit.

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