The most valuable sports teams (satirical look)



'No. 1 Manchester United

European Football

$1.8 billion

An annual powerhouse with a true global brand, Man-U fetched the highest price ever for a sports franchise when Malcolm Glazier forked over $1.45 billion for it in 2005.
Source: Forbes Sports Valuations'

I call myself a fan. From 1999-2001 I had home membership as I lived in Manchester. Thanks to my very good buddy Si, I managed to see United this year once again on my visit.

United has an excellent logo.

No offence to Vancouver Canucks fans, but it has been such a pleasure following United since 1999 with the two European Championships in that time and the several Premiership titles, I could not see myself ever getting too serious about the Vangoober (what it satirically sounded like when the NBA commissioner would pronounce Vancouver) Canucks and their hopefully successful quest to be a championship least once, once day. Somewhere, over the rainbow.

'No. 2 Dallas Cowboys


$1.6 billion

Owner Jerry Jones smartly broke away from the NFL merchandising collaboration several years ago, leaving the Cowboys to run their own league-leading operation. A new state-of-the-art stadium awaits for 2009, with a Personal Seat License (PSL) plan that could bring in upwards of $700 million. The rough economy--a naming rights deal still hasn't been done--may scale back expectations. But only so much.'

I dedicate this section to my Cowboy fan, virtual friend and excellent guy Wade at:

Cowboy Wade

Wade, I realize you are a very busy man with work, procreation and such, but here is your chance to tell us in comments why the Cowboys are Number 2. Please do my friend.

Hint, I have never seen the Cowboys play, but would like to.:)

'No. 3 Washington Redskins


$1.5 billion

Since taking over in 1999, owner Dan Snyder has had mixed results on the field. But he's turned the Redskins into the NFL's leading revenue machine through heavy marketing and by selling the naming rights to Jack Kent Cooke Stadium to FedEx. The stadium has sold out every game during its 12-year history.'

Go Washington Native Americans, go!

I have not seen them play live.

'No. 4 New England Patriots


$1.32 billion

New England's value has roughly tripled since 2000, following three Super Bowl titles and a 97-31 record over the past eight years. Seven-year-old Gillette Stadium includes 6,000 club seats and 87 luxury boxes.'

An undefeated season and then they lose the Super Bowl...OUCH! That is a kick in the patriots.

Very cool logo, in my opinion.

I have not seen them play live.

'No. 5 New York Yankees


$1.3 billion

Baseball's only billion dollar club benefits from its own cable network, huge market and storied history. No wonder the Yankees have made the only real noise around the league this winter, throwing more than $400 million at three premium free agents. The tight economy may have the team scrambling to sell the last few luxury boxes at the new Yankee Stadium for 2009, but expect the place to be a revenue machine over the long haul.'

I saw the Yankees live at the Bronx in 2002 and my English friend Robin wanted to leave early. Like hell!

I am sorry that New York did not have a major cricket club.

'No. 6 Real Madrid

European Football

$1.29 billion

A winner of nine European Championship Cups, Real Madrid rakes in close to half a billion dollars in annual revenue. Its 62-year-old stadium--Santiago Bernabéu--has been heavily renovated over the years, with capacity trimmed from a peak of 120,000 to 80,000. Like American baseball, European soccer is moving to a model that emphasizes revenue per seat over maximum attendance.'

I still need to see Real Madrid. Someone please invite me! Are there any English speaking theology professor jobs in the Madrid area?

'No. 7 Arsenal

European Football

$1.2 billion

The club founded in 1886 took in $329 million in revenue last year. Three-year-old Emirates Stadium, which seats over 60,000, includes 7,139 club level seats sold in one to four year licenses and over 150 boxes where seats start at $87,000 annually (65,000 euros). The naming rights deal with Emirate Airlines is worth $133 million (100 million euros) over eight years.'

I dedicate this section to Simon.

I had away membership to Arsenal (1999-2001) thanks to my good friend Simon. Simon, I know you are a busy cat, but this is your chance to light up the comments on Arsenal!

Simon, here is your opportunity to state Arsenal's case over the one that we do not dare Number One. I am a fan of Arsenal and hope for better things ahead.

'No. 8 New York Giants


$1.18 billion

No Super Bowl title this year, but personal seat license money is rolling in for the 2010 opening of the Giants' new stadium. Even with an NFL model that has the TV loot shared equally around the league, a big market has its advantages. The Giants' season-ticket waiting list is 25 years.'

I have not seen the Giants or Jets, but the new stadium sounds fascinating. But, I thought the New York Giants moved to San Francisco decades ago.

The Giants do have a cool look, admittedly.

'No. 9 New York Jets


$1.17 billion

Call them "Giants Lite." The Jets' have everything their stadium mates do, only with a little less history and brand strength.'

I thought the Jets left Winnipeg...oh well. The Jets do look cool in green.

If the Giants and Jets merged could the Jolly Green Giant be the logo? For a fee, of course.

'No. 10 Houston Texans


$1.17 billion

Surprised by this dark horse? Don't be. The 7-year-old franchise with a 46-72 record has the NFL's richest naming rights deal, pulling in $300 million from Reliant Stadium.'

So, Wade, I would like to see these guys too. Should we expect a 'Supa Bo' soon?

Hey, how come there are no NHL teams here?;) I thought NHL hockey was the 'best' and 'most exciting' sport...oh well. One thing I respect about the NFL is the desire to return teams to cities that lost a franchise.

So, I have viewed Manchester United, New York Yankees, and Arsenal live. Only three of the current top ten. I live an impoverished life.

Best of religious album covers

Notre Dame, France

When this site was rather new I did three articles with religious album covers. Here is a best of version for those of you who would not have read and commented on the originals.

I spent quite a few hours on these three articles and would like more people to see the best sections and that is a major reason I present these again with some changes.


New addition -- see under "Satan is Real" for audio clip.

I shall take a satirical look at some religious album covers.

Mahavishnu Orchestra with John Mclaughlin is presently one of my top two favourite recording artists of all time. This pre-Mahavishnu Orchestra album from 1970 features McLaughlin with what appears to a photograph of his now late Indian guru Sri Chinmoy. The person in the photograph may be in an altered state of consciousness. When I first saw this album cover in a record store I thought that it was creepy, and hardly a good advertisement for any music album or religious movement, but most fans of Mclaughlin's music probably are not too concerned with what is on the cover. In the religious and not musical context, a smile or normal pose would be good, but the 'out of it' altered state of consciousness look may attract some persons already heavily interested in Hinduism and related religions, and/or may attract 'pot heads' and 'druggies', but it probably will not cause positive religious thoughts in most persons. This by the way, in my view, is not bad since I believe that Biblical Christianity is the true religious faith and philosophy in regard to the nature of God and salvation, and not Hinduism and related religions.

Sure Mike, you are using God given power, and I admit that I do not know the point of your album cover. There are Christians and non-Christians that can smash bricks. In a sense from a Christian perspective, anyone that can break bricks is using God given power, as God is the creator of all things.

I agree that Satan is real, but he is spirit and not a cartoon character. There is also debate among Biblical scholars and theologians on whether or not hell has literal flames, although it has literal punishment.

That is a funny cover as the dudes are in hell, but are still well dressed in a suit and tie. Had they just been out knocking on doors, or were they just visiting?

Intro to the song Satan Is Real

It is good to see this type of choir. But in my opinion, it is in bad taste to show a person injecting himself or herself on the front cover of the album!

With the use of the terms 'touch him' the cover is likely referring to the concept of having fellowship with God and Christ. But in today's society, a satirical, homosexual type of interpretation could be made. My Mom does not understand why anyone would view this cover as funny. I suppose this may show a difference in how generations look at the use of certain terms.

It is good at times to have persons think about death, the afterlife and God's judgment and salvation for those in Christ. However, in my view, very few persons would want to purchase these album covers that are in bad taste. The second cover made me laugh.

Flying missiles and atomic bombs? This is a very presumptuous cover concerning the Second Advent. There is much figurative language used and interpretations should be made carefully. The cover to me seems sensationalistic.

Is the idea of Satan being paralyzed found in Scripture? Jesus told Satan to leave him in Matthew 4: 10-11, but Satan presently is still active it appears from Scripture.

Korla Pandit was a famous pianist and I am not criticizing him as an artist, but that album cover is creepy, and especially for a Christmas album. To me, Mr. Pandit with the turban in that photo looks like a wax figure of Mr. Pandit. The wax figure of Mr. Pandit for some reason reminds me of a few world religions class trips to Hindu and Hare Krishna temples. So, the thought that comes to mind is that some creepy type of eastern religious figurine is sitting behind a piano peddling a Christmas album. Merry Christmas everyone, and Hare Krishna, have a Krishna Christmas you hairy Christians. Hmm, that cover would sell a lot of albums in today’s market, and what a wonderful marketing ploy. Perhaps, Mr. Pandit actually was off that day and the figurine was a cheaper stand in.

Reverend Falwell from what I have gathered was a godly man, and I respected him. However that album cover with the words Feudin’, Fussin’ and Frettin', will only reinforce the notion by some within and outside of the Christian Church, that southern American fundamentalists are ignorant and uneducated. From my experience with emailing denominations for my questionnaire, I found that many southern American fundamentalist leaders are educated with Master’s and Doctorate degrees and have knowledge, even if some of their views are too extreme or not necessarily Biblical in the opinion of many in the Christian Church. I can picture some secular critic looking at that album cover and thinking that fundamentalist Christians are a bunch of backwards, morons. In a sense, album covers such as this one perhaps just reinforce in some secular minds the mistaken notion that Biblical Christianity is so ridiculous that it does not need to be seriously, intellectually, examined.

Hmm, I can just deduce that some secular critic will reason that fundamentalists cannot count.

Felix looks like he will cane anyone that requests the wrong song! Man, someone did not do a very good marketing job with this album. Perhaps it should read Felix A Lorenz Jr will punish you upon request.

A very nice instrumental