Crime does not pay

According to Google Video Canada, this is video of a car theft leading to an accident. There is a saying that crime does not pay. Well in this world it pays for some persons for a time, but in the case of this car thief, he or she paid a huge price for the crime. Jeremiah 2: 26 clause a notes that a thief is shamed when he is discovered, but this thief has both shame and pain, if he or she lived. It is amazing how a human being can look like a rag doll in an accident at high speeds.

The Wild Chase (1965) The Road Runner vs. Speedy Gonzales, is one of my favourite cartoons from when I was a child. Once again crime does not pay!;)

Additional: May 21

We now have a triple feature. I found this good Bobby Orr highlight package on You Tube. Wayne Gretzky had fewer injuries and a longer and greater career than Orr, but in my mind Orr may be the most skilled hockey player in my lifetime. Orr's career was cut short by knee injuries. There is no guarantee in life of course that persons will be able to use certain talents and skills for very long, and so opportunities to use these need to be taken as soon as possible. Time and circumstance limit the use of many human abilities, and so in my case, with God's help, I have attempted to build my theological talents into skills.

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