A report from Chucky in Japan

Kyoto, Japan (photos from benoa.net)

My good and loyal friend Chucky has filed his report from Japan. I have just altered one name in his report for privacy. My email reply to Chucky is in the comments.

Hey Russ,

Well I haven't been able to fully enjoy my trip as I have been sick with Japanese influenza (mostly chest congestion) since May 5.

Spent the whole day in bed (or rather, on a mattress on the floor at my Japanese friend's place) on the 6th, it was raining that day anyway. I did get out on the following days, but still was feeling pretty crappy. Last Thursday I left Tokyo for Nagoya and visited by cousin there. Saturday I went to Kyoto and am now starting my 2nd day here.

A few observations about Japan,
- most people are very friendly and polite
- it's not really that expensive, some things are cheaper than in Canada
- no areas of cities that make one feel unsafe
- typical diet is much better here, less junk food
- very efficient transportation systems
- Tokyo needs more benches and green spaces



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