A man's got to know his limitations

A man's got to know his limitations - Magnum Force (1973)

Magnum Force is one of my favourite all time movies.

One of the things I like about the Dirty Harry movie series is that although they purposely for the sake of dramatic effect, place Harry in violent situations, they also show the darkness of evil in the world. Harry not only beats up and kills criminals, but also at times becomes injured himself and the ugliness of crime is portrayed in an artistic and entertaining fashion. The following statement is one to live by. A man's got to know his limitations. Every person should be aware of limitations and realize that if these are ignored, terrible consequences could result.

I do not want to primarily trust in what God gives me, but need to trust in God. I am both limited and sinful, and God is neither of these. God wants neither a follower that has no significant free will and is a robot, nor one that is completely autonomous. But, in Scripture it is clear that from the Exodus 20 commandments and the great commandments of Matthew 22:34-46 and Mark 12:28-37 that God desires followers to follow him with at least some level of freedom. I theorize that human nature and consciousness does not choose to be as it is, but was created by God, and has been corrupt since the fall of humanity, which is a Biblical concept in Genesis 3. From consciousness and self-awareness, human beings would develop motives and desires, and eventually make limited free will choices. The primary cause of human acts is determined by God who creates the human nature, and influences human choices. The secondary cause of human acts is the individuals that act according to nature, consciousness, motives, desires, and a limited free will influenced by God. These human acts are not coerced or forced by God, and yet are willed by him.

The short ending of Magnum Force and the statement...



Rick at Mormonism Reviewed from my links has written an article entitled, will you become a god? It is worth reading. This is my comment I posted with the article.

As we have discussed previously, Rick, besides the Biblical explanation that there is only one true God, in places such as Isaiah 43:10, 44:6. and 45:5, there is the philosophical problem of an infinite regression of gods. A vicious regress occurs when a problem tries to solve itself and yet remains with the same problem it had previously. If each god comes into existence from a previous god, and this has gone on in an infinite past, then there is never an original creator god and this defies reason. As well, there cannot be an infinite regression of gods because this would require an infinite amount of time that would not allow us to arrive at the present. If there is an original creator God that has always existed, this would be the one true God, and any others claiming to be gods, would be false gods.



I have decided to show this Winston Cigarettes advertisement from 1961, and just to be clear I have never smoked and absolutely do not recommend that any person smoke. It appears from what is being stated by the medical community presently that humanity has learned in the last few decades that smoking is bad for health, but still many human moral values are based on what is thought at the time to be right within segments of society. In our present Western society, it is highly unlikely that a television station would run an advertisement for cigarettes during a program viewed by many children. There has been a change in the moral values of society concerning smoking.

For the purposes of this article, may I point out that human beings have at least two great weaknesses in contrast to the Biblical God. One, is that human beings are finite, and have limited knowledge, in comparison to God that is infinite and has unlimited knowledge. Two, is that human beings are sinful (Romans 3:23, 6:23) in contrast to a holy God (Isaiah 6:3). This in my view is a disastrous combination for humanity, which somewhat explains why there exists a human problem of evil. The finite nature of humanity cannot change, but God through Christ will purify in the resurrection his followers (1 Corinthians 15:42-43).

My satirical side would love to see this commercial run during some reruns of the Flintstones, just to see the public reaction! I am not a fan of the Flintstones, but do not mind the show. My satirical side would also like to show some of the World War Two, Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck cartoons, but I do not want to offend anyone.

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As of today I have 184 questionnaires in my possession. Thank you very kindly to all respondents. My goal is to obtain 200 + questionnaires and so anyone interested in completing one, please contact me.

In order to see in one regard where my blogs stand, I have decided to no longer have one links list for both blogs, but to have a list for each blog. Each list will have links to those that have linked to that particular blog, providing I am willing to link of course. Please, no one be offended if I removed your blog from a links list on one of my blogs, as it is still linked on my other theology related blog. If I have missed a link somewhere, please let me know. I have removed Christian-bloggers because I am unimpressed with how they present the blogs, as sites are too hard to find.

I have therefore changed my philosophy of linking somewhat and now the related section of point 2 from A philosophy of linking on thekingpin68, reads.

I really appreciate all of you that link with one or both of my theology related blogs. I realize that some persons only like one of the blogs enough to link and that is understandable. As far as blogs are concerned, I may link a blog on thekingpin68 or satire and theology that links my blog in return, or at least links something important relating to my blog. I believe in mutual support.

Crime does not pay

According to Google Video Canada, this is video of a car theft leading to an accident. There is a saying that crime does not pay. Well in this world it pays for some persons for a time, but in the case of this car thief, he or she paid a huge price for the crime. Jeremiah 2: 26 clause a notes that a thief is shamed when he is discovered, but this thief has both shame and pain, if he or she lived. It is amazing how a human being can look like a rag doll in an accident at high speeds.

The Wild Chase (1965) The Road Runner vs. Speedy Gonzales, is one of my favourite cartoons from when I was a child. Once again crime does not pay!;)

Additional: May 21

We now have a triple feature. I found this good Bobby Orr highlight package on You Tube. Wayne Gretzky had fewer injuries and a longer and greater career than Orr, but in my mind Orr may be the most skilled hockey player in my lifetime. Orr's career was cut short by knee injuries. There is no guarantee in life of course that persons will be able to use certain talents and skills for very long, and so opportunities to use these need to be taken as soon as possible. Time and circumstance limit the use of many human abilities, and so in my case, with God's help, I have attempted to build my theological talents into skills.

My recent shenanigans

Below is an important consumer affairs article. I would appreciate comments, if possible.


House wrote an article on violence and mentions video games. Here is my comment and the link.

Hey House,

I have played some fairly violent first person shooter games with friends over the years. In my view since I am mentally healthy, was brought up with basic morality in a secular home, and most importantly, am guided by God, I do not think that I will commit violent acts as a result of those games, any more than I would commit violent acts from watching violent movies, or reading literature which contains violence. However, if a young person, in particular, is not mentally healthy, does not have basic morality, and does not have God, I believe that video games, certain movies, and many things that contain violence, even literature such as the Bible which describes violent acts, could somewhat influence a person to commit wrong actions.

I do not like video games that glorify violence, but games that show the reality of evil can be beneficial in philosophical terms. House, I will link this article and my reply in my next satire and theology article.



My comments to Helen concerning her nice literary article, and the link.

Hi again Helen.

I have not dreamed of writing a novel, but when I was younger I wanted to write comic art. As for now, besides academic writing it would be neat for me to combine satire and theology in book form as I do in articles with my other blog. There is also something fun about comic art which satirizes reality, although I am not a skilled cartoonist.


My comments to Wade on construction work, and the link.

Hey Wade, back in 1990 I did a construction job for a few weeks and in my first week I pulled a board forward with a crow bar, and the board hit me in the face and gave me a bloody nose. The medic ran onto the site to help me as some laughed and some gasped.

Oh, I guess it was actually a crowbar.:)


A report from Chucky in Japan

Kyoto, Japan (photos from benoa.net)

My good and loyal friend Chucky has filed his report from Japan. I have just altered one name in his report for privacy. My email reply to Chucky is in the comments.

Hey Russ,

Well I haven't been able to fully enjoy my trip as I have been sick with Japanese influenza (mostly chest congestion) since May 5.

Spent the whole day in bed (or rather, on a mattress on the floor at my Japanese friend's place) on the 6th, it was raining that day anyway. I did get out on the following days, but still was feeling pretty crappy. Last Thursday I left Tokyo for Nagoya and visited by cousin there. Saturday I went to Kyoto and am now starting my 2nd day here.

A few observations about Japan,
- most people are very friendly and polite
- it's not really that expensive, some things are cheaper than in Canada
- no areas of cities that make one feel unsafe
- typical diet is much better here, less junk food
- very efficient transportation systems
- Tokyo needs more benches and green spaces




I could see my friend Chucky being asked to do this at work, since he is such a nice guy.;) Perhaps a colleague becomes sick of computing and needs a rest.

1. Here is another good movie review from Timotheus, an article on Spider-Man 3.


2. That link ties into this point. I have turned my formerly inner circle satire blog, kingpinned, into a site featuring my small but decently impressive comic art collection. This is a minimal work blog for me in which I only post the books and have no desire to write or be involved in comments. If someone ever wishes to comment concerning kingpinned, they can do so on this blog.


3. Over on thekingpin68, I have written a short article entitled The eschatology of evil. This topic relates somewhat to my work on the problem of evil and theodicy. I presently have 178 questionnaires in my possession and I am still looking for more assistance.


4. Congratulations to Technorati for improving their service to me the last few weeks. My philosophical theology blog was outdated ranking wise for half a year, but after several times contacting them, things were updated, and have been kept updated. This blog was improperly named on Technorati when I awoke this morning and they fixed the problem quite quickly after I emailed them.

5. From the Albert Mohler website:

The Problem of Evangelical Identity

Francis Beckwith's recent announcement that he was resigning his position as president of the Evangelical Theological Society, and withdrawing his membership, due to his return to the Roman Catholic Church, has prompted a flurry of discussion. On today's program, Dr. Mohler is joined by Dr. Bruce Ware, vice president of ETS, to attempt to analyze what Beckwith's announcement suggests of how evangelical identity should best be understood.


That is quite a move from being the president and member of an evangelical society to a return to the Roman Catholic Church. I am solidly within the Reformed camp as one can reason from reading thekingpin68 and satire and theology, but I do think that anyone that believes and trusts in the Biblical God, and the atoning work and resurrection of Christ for salvation is part of God's Kingdom. Verses such as John 3:16, John 14:6, and Acts 4:12 mention and allude to Biblical concepts that belief and trust in the true God and the work of Christ are required for salvation, and therefore it can be reasoned that near perfect theology is not required for entrance into God's Kingdom. However, I must state that I firmly believe in asking the Lord for an understanding of the most correct theology possible in conjunction with being guided by the Holy Spirit.

Academic Bias

Millau Viaduct, France (A little scary?)

From the Albert Mohler program today:


The Institute for Jewish and Community Research recently conducted a poll of American college professors, asking them to rate their feelings toward specific religious groups. The report points to one glaring fact -- a majority of the polled faculty members said they held "unfavorable" views of American evangelicals. Professor Cary Nelson, president of the American Association of University Professors, joins us on today's program to assess the significance of the study.

Albert Mohler states that Evangelical Christians and Mormons are the two most unpopular religious groups among professors...surprise, surprise. As soon as I heard that Evangelicals were first, I figured Mormons would be next. Evangelical Christians received a 53% unfavorable rating. Personally, I am both conservative and evangelical, but prefer to describe myself as conservative since it explains my basic theological understanding without the cultural baggage. I basically had to quit my first PhD appointment in England because I was told that I would need to change my Christian views to secular if I wished to pass. I was informed by my temporary advisor, a well-known philosopher of religion that I have quoted on thekingpin68 and in my dissertations, that I would not pass if I insisted on believing that God created the world even though the problem of evil existed. This man is an encyclopedia of knowledge but of questionable morality. When I wanted to transfer my appointment to an affiliated Christian college and receive the same degree from the University, this professor told the review board that he had never made any such comments and that I knew I could not do the work and therefore wanted to quit. Well, what garbage reasoning is that from an educated man? If I knew I could not do the work, why did I seek a transfer to a Christian college where I would have to do the same amount of work to earn the same degree from the same University? I would have loved to have gone public with this blatant mistreatment, but I needed to find another place to continue my education and have been affiliated with Wales for most of the time since.

Somehow miraculously I have managed to complete a 180 page MPhil dissertation,with no revisions after marking, and the theoretical portion of a PhD, even though I know I cannot do the work.

Seriously, I thank God for all his help.

Soccer meets martial arts

For a few years I have had an idea for a computer soccer game that fuses soccer with martial arts and features virtually indestructible players. This clip reminds me of the concept of that game.



The media in Greater Vancouver is funny, all the hype and hoopla about the Canucks and we get a second round exit and clearly a lack of ability to score enough goals to win a championship. I largely do not buy the rebuilding argument that can be used almost every year. Once again and for the 36th season the Canucks are not champions, and they have only been to the final twice in 1982 and 1994. Besides being tired of how the NHL is run, I am also fed up with investing my time supporting and watching teams that just do not find a way to at least occasionally win championships. I am in favour of community spirit, but am under no obligation to spend hours over years of my life supporting and watching a team that just does not get the job done...period! Now the Canucks may get the job done soon, but let us not use the rebuilding defence, as once again this year they failed to be the best, or at least failed to be champions. They are a successful franchise, on and off the ice, but not an excellent franchise that delivers championships. I have also given up on the Toronto Maple Leafs for similar reasons, and they are in a much larger market and have underachieved in the era of expansion.

As much as in many ways Greater Vancouver is a nicer place to live in than Manchester, while I was in Manchester it was good to support two sports teams that regularly win championships. Manchester United and to a lesser extent Arsenal, win English titles, and United has won Europe twice. I had home membership for United and away for Arsenal (London), I also viewed Manchester City twice, to bring back that warm and fuzzy supporting a loser feeling that I had going to those Canuck games in the 1980's. I realize that only one team can be the Stanley Cup champion every year in hockey, but in sports in general, I refuse to support teams that do not have the intelligence and drive to figure out how to at least occasionally win championships. The Anaheim Ducks are a good team and have a chance this year, but my hope is that the Ottawa Senators can win the Stanley Cup and bring us a rare Canadian championship.