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Below is an important consumer affairs article. I would appreciate comments, if possible.

House wrote an article on violence and mentions video games. Here is my comment and the link.

Hey House,

I have played some fairly violent first person shooter games with friends over the years. In my view since I am mentally healthy, was brought up with basic morality in a secular home, and most importantly, am guided by God, I do not think that I will commit violent acts as a result of those games, any more than I would commit violent acts from watching violent movies, or reading literature which contains violence. However, if a young person, in particular, is not mentally healthy, does not have basic morality, and does not have God, I believe that video games, certain movies, and many things that contain violence, even literature such as the Bible which describes violent acts, could somewhat influence a person to commit wrong actions.

I do not like video games that glorify violence, but games that show the reality of evil can be beneficial in philosophical terms. House, I will link this article and my reply in my next satire and theology article.


My comments to Helen concerning her nice literary article, and the link.

Hi again Helen.

I have not dreamed of writing a novel, but when I was younger I wanted to write comic art. As for now, besides academic writing it would be neat for me to combine satire and theology in book form as I do in articles with my other blog. There is also something fun about comic art which satirizes reality, although I am not a skilled cartoonist.

My comments to Wade on construction work, and the link.

Hey Wade, back in 1990 I did a construction job for a few weeks and in my first week I pulled a board forward with a crow bar, and the board hit me in the face and gave me a bloody nose. The medic ran onto the site to help me as some laughed and some gasped.

Oh, I guess it was actually a crowbar.:)

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