Strange Creatures

I used to have a cat when I was a child, his name was Muffin. He followed my brother home from a party as a kitten, and the family kept him. About three years later we picked up a 1.5 year old German Shepherd Husky, named Rebel (Jerk). Prior to Rebel moving in, Muffin seemed to think that he pretty much ruled the house, frequently closing his eyes while on his back in the kitchen sun tanning. The day we brought Rebel home, he charged into the house and sniffed the cat. The sun tanning Muffin jumped several feet in the air and then darted upstairs to my room running through my partially open bedroom window on to the roof of the house. Rebel followed but was not quick enough to get close to the cat. Muffin stayed up on the roof for a week. I think we fed him on the roof of a nearby garage for that week, and then he decided to come down.

Mysteriously, when I would go see Rebel in the backyard for the next few weeks, his nose was covered with scratch marks. I suppose the big Jerk had been sticking his nose near Muffin and was getting hammered. Rebel was often a good natured dog, as I only saw him paw Muffin once, and that was after he had been drilled in the head several times. Muffin would at times hide under a car and then take a swipe at Rebel when he would walk by. When we moved out into the country for a short time, Rebel would be nasty to the cat. I would feed Rebel in the backyard, and Muffin in the front yard. However, there was no fence and Rebel would dart to the front of the home immediately after I gave him food and would attempt to eat Muffin's smaller portion. Muffin would then dart to the back of the house and attempt to eat Rebel's larger meal. Rebel would of course finish first and then come back to retake his meal after lunging at Muffin. I was therefore forced to feed Muffin inside.

Muffin like many cats was secretive. Many times as I took Rebel for a walk I would notice Muffin several feet behind us hiding in a bush. The cat would then dart out heading to another place to hide while spying on Rebel and I. Perhaps the cat was making sure that Rebel and I did not abandon him? I don't know I am not a cat shrink, but I suppose there are some who think that may be a worthy profession. To me there are enough unstable people out that need spiritual, psychological, and psychiatric help that the "crazy cat" can do without professional spiritual assistance, although I think veterarian clinics are important. To be realistic, I loved my animals very much, but compared to human beings my animals seemed kind of "baked". Animal actions seem to make less sense compared to human ones usually, although, I have chatted with a couple of questionable people on the internet recently;). Rebel was nicknamed Jerk because of his notorious wanderings around the neighbourhood. At two of our homes that had fences, he would dig under, jump over, or just go through the fence in order to get out and run around. He was hit lightly by cars twice, but never hurt. Rebel would basically attempt to break out of the backyard and then post a parcel on neighbour's front yard, mate with a female dog (or male, he was a bit confused that way, after being neutered), or start a fight with a male dog, all within 15 minutes or so.

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