I am not sure what the distorted message in red states at the beginning, but this type of posting on YouTube appears satirical. These poor quality series of clips are not very flattering for Ernest Angley who looks ridiculous and perhaps constipated as he barks out heal!

Perhaps Angley should become a dog trainer and have his own infomercial on late night television.

According to the New Testament, God healed certain people, and as an eternal, almighty being he would have that same ability today. I would not be surprised if a few people have been healed through Christ over the years while watching Angley, despite the televangelist's shenanigans. However, Angley presumes much in thinking that God would heal and recreate a child's brain via the television, just because Angley thinks it should happen. Perhaps God has other sovereign purposes in the suffering of an individual apart from the ideas of Angley. I therefore generally think these types of healings are bogus, as would many in the Christian Church.

If Angley indeed has such a healing gift, I would hope he would be famous for healing in hospitals and the streets rather than with a television ministry.

In regard to the conversation at the end, I would deduce that there is no good evidence that all or most Roman Catholics molest little boys. The clip at the end should have been edited out.

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