Questionnaire Assistance

Fire Lake, BC

I am Russ Murray, a PhD candidate at the University of Wales, although I am working by distance learning and live in the Greater Vancouver area. My dissertation topic is the problem of evil, and this is a continuation and progression of my MPhil.

I have tentatively completed PhD chapters on Free Will Theodicy with Augustine, and Alvin C. Plantinga, Sovereignty Theodicy with John S. Feinberg (and yours truly), Soul-Making Theodicy with John Hick, and Practical/Empirical Theology and Theodicy from Dutch Roman Catholics. My questionnaire will be based on these approaches to the problem of evil and a few feminism questions which my original advisor wanted included. I am working on a questionnaire and once it is accepted by a new advisor I will be looking for people from local churches to assist me by filling out the questionnaire, but I am also willing to send the form out via the internet. If you are attending a Christian church and desire to fill out a questionnaire for me when I have it ready, please let me know, by leaving a comment here, or by emailing me at:

The survey results are anonymous and completely confidential. Although I am looking for assistance from people attending Christian churches, I will have 'other' listed as a denominational option. I can email a copy of the completed questionnaire results upon request to a person who has participated in the survey. Your assistance would be greatly appreciated as I will probably need a sample in the hundreds.



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