Zaragoza vs. Sevilla: The Spanish La Liga

It is a little funny that Rick from in my links posted a fight on the same day. A difference between the two fights is that his fight is a real professional one, and mine is a satirical one titled "slapfast" by the person that posted this You Tube clip. This fight shows a cultural difference between footballers and hockey players as often hockey players know somewhat how to fight.

Although I have studied martial arts for over twenty years, I have thought that the general Christian response should be to avoid fighting. On the other hand the need for self-defence is something to be considered. Jesus told us to turn the other cheek in Matthew 5:39 and I was at times taught during my Mennonite bachelor's degree that it meant a Christian should be non-resistant. However, this does not appear to be the best interpretation as some commentators view Jesus as calling for a lack of vengeance. Vengeance would be taking the law into one's own hand. A Christian is never to do this but if the law is not present self-defence may be a viable option as one is defending self as if an officer of the state was present. I therefore in a sports fight would attempt to avoid the battle, hoping for an official to end the matter but I would not rule defending myself with force. I would not slap someone, however!

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