LCD monitor cleaning tip

Somerset, Bath, England

From the Worst-Case Scenario: Little Book for Dating, tip 3.

How to save your date from choking.

Point 7:

Use force and a quick motion. This will push out the residual lung gas under pressure, clearing any obstructions from the trachea. p 32.

Since I have a 10-year-old tube monitor, which could die at any time, for an early Christmas present my Mom bought me a Samsung TFT 20 inch monitor. A concern I had when reading through the instruction manual was cleaning because I received the impression that it could not be wiped with a damp cloth like a tube monitor. I began getting little spots on my LCD monitor but I did not want to pay the $10-$20 that London Drugs wanted for the special LCD cleaning fluid. As well from my experience with CDs in the 1990's, cleaning fluid leaves residue. I thought I would try my soft cleaning cloth made for cleaning sunglasses, by Eyewear. I just placed a very little amount of water on the cloth and softly and slowly wiped away the spots and the LCD monitor looked clean with no apparent damage. I did not wipe the LCD screen like I did my old tube monitor, as I was much more careful and only wiped the actual spots. The water technique works alright, but I used Klear Screen and followed the directions for glossy screens and it gets rid of some of the marks water did not and claims to leave an anti-static coating which preserves the screen. It is used by major manufacturers.

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