Church painting

Happy New Year to you in 2007.

The Joy of Painting with the late Bob Ross is one of my favourite television shows. I like his sincerity, quality of work in a short period of time, and humourous nature, some of which is not intentional. He is very relaxing to watch and I have learned from him the importance of relaxing and enjoying what one is doing while working. I highly recommend his program.

On the theological side, I appreciate his mentioning of God, but I do not know his religious views in great detail. He often does put across the idea that whatever the mind can conceive and believe it can achieve. This is not technically true in my opinion. God's will should not be ignored within this process. God can allow a person to conceive accomplishing something and one can believe it can be accomplished, but without God willing it and providing the proper circumstances it cannot and will not occur. Positive mental attitude is not enough in life to accomplish something, as everything that occurs must pass through God's sovereign will. In Genesis 17:1 from the New American Standard Bible, God is called the Almighty and therefore it can be deduced that nothing occurs in creation that God does not willingly allow.

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