A Farewell to Kings: Intro

I found this strange clip on You Tube. I wonder if it is an actual television advertisement? If it is, I have not seen it here in British Columbia. If someone has seen it on television please comment. The clip looks chopped up and so perhaps it was done by someone on a computer. For those of you who are not Rush fans it provides an opportunity to hear another side of the band, the classical side, and not hard rock. The music is a classical intro to A Farewell to Kings.

On a more serious note, here in BC the Robert William Pickton trial begins today. This is not a story for the everyone. He is according to the state a serial killer of women, who claims to have killed 49. Someone in the comments has correctly pointed out that this is alleged by the state.

From the CBC link:

B.C. pig farmer Robert William Pickton, who is charged with six counts of first-degree murder, admitted he had killed 49 women and wanted to make it an even 50, but he got sloppy, the Crown said Monday on the first day of the trial.

Most of us are not serial killers, but this type of evil from an individual reminds me that there are in my view, levels of evil in all persons. A divine change in persons through Christ is the only means from a Biblical, Christian perspective in which human evil will eventual be overcome.




Jeremiah 17:9 from the New American Standard Bible:

The heart is more deceitful than all else and is desperately sick; who can understand it?

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