How to blow-up your blog: Writing that online diary

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This reminds me of Western films from when I was a little boy.

In November, 2008, I wrote an article entitled: How to blow-up your blog without thinking too much. Please consider this post a follow-up. If one is already very, very, well-known in the field he or she blog about perhaps he or she can get away with more and play by some different rules, I suppose. However, most bloggers are not.

1. I do not want to come across here at all as a blogging know-it-all, or a know-it-all in any way. But, I wish to share some of my blogging philosophy...once again.

2. I have been blogging with this blog, satire and theology since 2006, and according to Blogger statistics I am averaging 10, 000 page views per month. I have been blogging with thekingpin68 since 2004, seriously since 2006, and receive about 5, 000-6, 000 page views per month. So, I am a moderately successful blogger with about 15, 000 page views per month, which is still much better than most bloggers do, and so I think I do have some at least fairly important things to state.

3. A right thing I have done is to concentrate on reciprocal blog linking which has helped promote my blogs online. Also very importantly some of my articles, especially with my more academic blog, thekingpin68, are being linked online.

4. A mistake I have made, and I have recently noted this on Facebook, was to basically ignore Google/Blogger followers for six years. With the rise of Twitter, which I have no interest in, and Facebook/Networked Blogs followers which I have worked on, I should have paid more attention to it. Now, as a result with my blogs I have a good amount of Facebook followers on both blogs but only have a decent amount of Google/Blogger followers due to my recent push. For me, I am online enough and Twitter is extra work I do not want or need.

I missed the opportunity for years to visually display my followers with two applications on my blogs, which others were doing, but I basically ignored the marketing possibilities. Yes, an impressive amount of reciprocal links looks good but images of followers for both Facebook and Google/Blogger adds public credibility.

This public credibility does not make my blogs good or right, but means people care about them. If others see this they are more likely to pay attention and see how and where God has guided my work to be good and right, by God's grace.

5. Some may state that I should not be concerned with these things and just share the gospel and related. I do not agree. I should desire to present the gospel, Biblical Studies, theology, philosophy of religion and related as effectively as possible with my talent and skill God has given me. Blog image is not near as important as blog content, not even close, but presenting my blogs as readable and worthwhile by others through links and followers is an important marketing tool. A person comes on my blog and thinks....people care about this blog.

Marketing is so important.

6. Marketing is a reason I always desire to have comments, because '0' comments does not look good. But, more importantly, I am not interested in writing an online diary and really appreciate the public interaction. It makes blogging far more educational and fun for myself and readers. I have so much to learn and my commenters assist.

7. I still reason some Christian and non-Christian bloggers are hurting their own cause and working toward blowing-up their blogs and basically writing an online diary. They are too strict in their overall blogging approach.

8. Many bloggers are too strict concerning comments. Ever wonder why I allow and even encourage off-topic comments? Because I want readers to feel welcome and at home and I hope therefore they will return and contribute more to my work. If I refuse to publish a comment because it is off-topic, I quite likely will never hear from that person again. More bloggers should be much more appreciative for any respectful comments at all. Fine, if ones does not want to publish SPAM, do not, and of course feel free not to publish disrespectful comments, comments from trolls etc.

But one should not be offended and block or delete comments that the blogger does not like in some personal, narrow sense.

9. Do not expect commenters to be as interested in your material as you, the blogger, are. People are busy and accept a respectful comment on your work. Do not make yourself the overly judgmental spiritual/intellectual judge of comments. I am turned off by bloggers that will not publish my kind comment where I state little and promote my blogs. If you are kind to me, I will quite likely read more of your blog and comment more, but if you disrespect me and deem my respectful comment unacceptable, you have likely lost a contact. And I reason many other contacts will see it in a similar way if his or her comment is blocked or deleted. Also, do not expect others to necessarily read all your rules of engagement for comments before commenting. Many people will not. With strict bloggers this may lead to the comment being blocked or deleted and a lost contact.


'But I stubbornly got my righteous way!'

So, many Christian bloggers do this and I think it is destructive for building a blog.

10. In the same way, bloggers should attempt to reply to most comments. When this is reasonable. Remember you must try to network unless you want that online diary. Networking means that you are not going to easily and necessarily find a bunch of clones that think and act just like you, so loosen up a bit, chill out. Do not look at your blog as a power trip but as a chance to network with others, to share with other Christians and non-Christians.

11. I have a PhD in Theology (Philosophical Theology), and Philosophy of Religion. From a marketing perspective, years ago, I decided that with my thekingpin68 blog, if I presented it like an online academic journal I would have difficulty gaining readers. So, I kept it at the same high academic level but added photos and humour. I reasoned the more effective academic approach was not to market it as an academic journal but market it like an academic lecture in a classroom of young people that wanted to learn at the highest level while at the same time being entertained.

This blog, satire and theology is a more readable version if thekingpin68, but the philosophy presented is the same.

12. Being open to others does not mean one must weaken his or her theological stances. My moderately conservative Reformed views have grown not only through six years of public blogging with many that are non-Reformed, but also through MPhil and PhD degrees at Wales which is secular and moderately liberal.

My PhD topics were theodicy, the problem of evil, atheism, liberal Christianity and free will and determinism and my Reformed, Biblical philosophy and faith has grown. These views have been shared on my blogs. My views have been challenged severely especially with the PhD and MPhil degrees. God has guided me.

I truly believe many Christian bloggers have fear of being theologically challenged and therefore often avoid dealing with those of other views. I am meaning in practical and not just philosophical terms, bloggers can feel threatened. Now, I am not stating one should look for trouble, or get in endless debates. These can become tiring and a waste of time. I am simply suggesting one be an open-minded blogger.

Mark 12:28-40 (New American Standard Bible)

28(A)One of the scribes came and heard them arguing, and (B)recognizing that He had answered them well, asked Him, "What commandment is the foremost of all?"

29Jesus answered, "The foremost is, '(C)HEAR, O ISRAEL! THE LORD OUR GOD IS ONE LORD;


31"The second is this, '(E)YOU SHALL LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR AS YOURSELF.' There is no other commandment greater than these."

32The scribe said to Him, "Right, Teacher; You have truly stated that (F)HE IS ONE, AND THERE IS NO ONE ELSE BESIDES HIM;


34When Jesus saw that he had answered intelligently, He said to him, "You are not far from the kingdom of God." (I)After that, no one would venture to ask Him any more questions.

Autumn...yes deleted from previous post and added here. I placed new comedy material in previous post.

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