Valencia vs. Internazionale

From the March 6, 2007 match:

Some comments:

1. Since the UEFA Champions League was not shown live on TSN that morning, I watched the ending of the match on TLN in Spanish. I viewed the silly fight.

2. Once again soccer fights are shown to be generally inferior to hockey fights.

3. I admit to finding soccer shenanigans amusing as long as no one is seriously hurt. I did find this silly brawl funny and laughed, especially with the guy in the grey outfit running away from the two players trying to slide tackle him.

4. However, in reality UEFA should attempt to eliminate these kinds of occurrences. Having attended several games in Europe and studied the European game somewhat, I realize that at times the crowds can be volatile and a brawl on the field could potentially lead to a brawl in the stands and outside the stadium. At worst a riot could occur and that is no laughing matter.

5. UEFA can suspend individual players and coaches, and ban fans, but prevention is a key. At the end of the match several police officers should have immediately been prepared to break up any altercations between players, coaches and potentially fans. Romans, Chapter 13 gives the governing authorities the right the bear the sword to bring wrath upon one who practices evil. Now, I am not suggested decapitation at soccer stadiums! However, the governing authorities realizing that soccer matches provide potentially volatile situations should be ready before, during, and after games to prevent fights, brawls and violence through the use of legal force. Yes, I admit I find soccer shenanigans in moderation funny at times, but having been to several games it would not be amusing if a riot of any type occurred. UEFA and local authorities need to be better prepared to stop soccer related violence.



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