This is classic

Conwy gardens, Wales (photo from thekingpin68)

I just found this link via sitemeter. Please scroll down until the end (red letters provided by me).

Someone misunderstands and placed me on a list on incorrectly!;)


Atheist blogs

A 21st Century Rationalist
Advice From God
Ardent Secularist, The
Atheism, Agnosticism, and the Burden of Proof
Atheism Blogs
Atheist Blogs - UK
Atheist in a mini van

Beep! Beep! It's me!
Bible and History
Big Sky Humanist
Bits of Star Stuff
Blogging the Bible
Blog of the Gods

Coffee Ghost

Daylight Atheism
Death, Taxes, and Rock&Roll
Debunking Christianity
Dispatches from the Culture Wars
Dwindling in Unbelief


Fight the Faith
F___ The Lord

Godless Rant
God vs No God Debate

I, Atheist

Jesus' General

Letter From A Broad

Military Religious Freedom Foundation
My Case Against God

New Atheist, A
No God Blog

Panda's Thumb, The
Portland Atheist


Satire and Theology

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