Kim Jong Il and martial arts bodyguards

I have worked out in the martial arts for around twenty years with the martial arts bag and some sparring which includes weapons defence, and some judo and grappling, but I have never done anything like in the video. I am not sure how much breaking bricks will help one in a fight, but the ability to take physical punishment and pain is beneficial for bodyguard work I suppose. However, if North Korea ever does use a nuclear weapon against the West, martial arts will not do them much good I would think.

Romans, Chapter 13:1-4 in the New American Standard Bible states that every person should be under subjection to the authorities, which have been given power by God. These authorities have the right to use the sword, or force for the purpose of maintaining the good, which would be law and order. Romans 13 is likely primarily speaking in terms of maintaining internal law and order, but I think that a state or states would have the right to protect citizens from external evils as well. The West has the right to defend itself against North Korea if in the end it is a legitimate military threat, and that would include if it is a legitimate nuclear threat.

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