Exit Stage Left medley

Rush performing

By-Tor & Snow Dog/In The End/In The Mood/2112 Grand Finale

Exit Stage Left, The Forum in Montreal, Quebec on March 27, 1981

The medley itself is one of my favourite pieces of music, and is also featured on the Red Barchetta unofficial CD. I especially appreciate the guitar solos on By-Tor and Grand Finale which are very impressive. I like the rhythmic nature of the Grand Finale solo which is played fast, but still slower than the version on All the World's a Stage, the official live album from 1976. The red star in the video is one of the band's logos and is not directly related to the occult, but rather is the Red Star of the Solar Federation from the 2112 album. It must be mentioned that symbols and words should always be understood in their context.

According to:


In the year 2062, a galaxy-wide war results in the union of all planets under the rule of the Red Star of the Solar Federation. The world is controlled by the Priests of the Temples of Syrinx, who determine all reading matter, songs, pictures . . . everything connected with life during the year 2112 ("The Temples of Syrinx").

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