The Bionic Man?

With all my surgeries the last few years, including three this year so far, a few of my friends such as Bobby Buff, Richard X, and Dallas N, and others perhaps, have called me "The Bionic Man". These clips are my response! I have to admit that my health problems and surgeries have had me down mentally many times, and there are still some things bothering me that I would like to have dealt with. However, God has been good in the healing provided so far. I realize from a Christian perspective that this is a fallen world (Genesis 3), and that I will suffer and die like everyone else. There is no room for arrogance on my part, since as a human being I can neither significantly heal my spirit or body. The resurrection described in 1 Corinthians 15 is my only ultimate hope from these annoying sufferings, as a perfected immortal spiritual body is provided. I did have life threatening sleep apnea, but that has been approximately 70% cured this year. Other than that I have some annoying problems, but I understand that many people in this world suffer with greater health problems than I do.

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