Development of spiritual qualities

The development of spiritual qualities is entirely dependent on both the love of God and the fear of God. Many passages from the Writings clarify our understanding of these two essential forces of our spiritual lives. 'Abdu'l-Bahá says:
"For love of God and spiritual attraction do cleanse and purify the human heart and dress and adorn it with the spotless garment of holiness; and once the heart is entirely attached to the Lord, and bound over to the Blessed Perfection, then will the grace of God be revealed.
"This love is not of the body but completely of the soul. And 'those souls whose inner being is lit by the love of God are even as spreading rays of light, and they will shine out like stars of holiness in a pure and crystalline sky. For true love, real love, is the love for God, and this is sanctified beyond the notions and imaginings of men."
Bahá'u'lláh says:
"He that seeketh to be a helper of God in this Day, let him close his eyes to whatever he may possess, and open them to the things of God. Let him cease to occupy himself with that which profiteth him, and concern himself with that which shall exalt the all-compelling name of the Almighty. He should cleanse his heart from all evil passions and corrupt desires, for the fear of God is the weapon that can render him victorious, the primary instrument whereby he can achieve his purpose. The fear of God is the shield that defendeth His Cause, the buckler that enableth His people to attain to victory. It is a standard that no man can abase, a force that no power can rival. By its aid, and by the leave of Him Who is the Lord of Hosts, they that have drawn nigh unto God have been able to subdue and conquer the citadels of the hearts of men."
 Excepts from 'Walking together on the Path of Service'

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