The good, the bad, and the satirical

The Party (1968)

The Party is a classic comedy, and the clips are quite funny.

Romans 8:28-31 (New American Standard Bible)

28And we know that [a]God causes (A)all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are (B)called according to His purpose.

29For those whom He (C)foreknew, He also (D)predestined to become (E)conformed to the image of His Son, so that He would be the (F)firstborn among many brethren;

30and these whom He (G)predestined, He also (H)called; and these whom He called, He also (I)justified; and these whom He justified, He also (J)glorified.

31(K)What then shall we say to these things? (L)If God is for us, who is against us?

I am assuming that the good that God works in my life will include my successful PhD thesis, once it is reviewed by an external examiner and I defend it in person.

That is, when my University can find someone...

As for career options as a professor, these are some (not all) of my geographical options as an English speaker:

The Good: I could stay in British Columbia and the Lower Mainland and likely live in this condominium for several years. Chucky and Bobby Buff live fairly close by and seemingly have no serious intentions of moving away anytime soon. My Mom is decently healthy and should not need more serious medical care for her disabilities for a few years.

The Bad: The Lower Mainland is pretty secular. One of the reasons I am not working on a PhD in Theology through a local institution is that there was not a PhD offered in this entire province when I was looking for a program. In fact there was not one offered in all of Western Canada! Now, fairly recently the Vancouver School of Theology offers a Wales, Lampeter PhD, and yes Wales, Lampeter is the University I have signed with. I am not affiliated with the Vancouver School although the affiliation they have with Wales, Lampeter allows me to use their library for free.

I may find it difficult to find a local University or college willing to hire a moderately conservative Christian theologian.

The Lower Mainland is also a very expensive place to live.

The Satirical: Will the last successful truly conservative politician in the Lower Mainland please turn out the lights.

Will there be conservative churches in the Lower Mainland in thirty years? Will I be doing communion and church in my basement? Will there be a court case over the next few decades where a Biblical Christian church and/or organization is condemned by the Provincial or Federal court for not holding to 'Christian' standards, that is, radical liberal church Christian standards.

I am not sure that Canada is much different than British Columbia, although Ontario and Quebec have much higher populations than does BC. The Prairie Provinces may offer me some work opportunities.

Ever year I buy this Football Annual which deals with the English Premier League, UEFA and FIFA.

The Good: I have British citizenship. I would very much like to live in the United Kingdom in the context of seeing more English Premiership football, and I would like to spend time with my friends there.

The Bad: As with BC, and much of Canada it may be difficult to find a place for a moderately conservative theologian to teach theology. Generally, the institutions are quite liberal in the UK. Like the Lower Mainland it is also a quite expensive place to live.

The Satirical: Some of the people there are very nice, but while I was there in Manchester I was bottled, and burgled twice. The NHS provides free health care but they messed up on both my nasal reconstruction and orthodontic work after I was bottled. The GP decided he would 'save me time and money' and so he attempted to straighten my broken nose twice by hand without anesthetic! Blood went all over my pants. 'I'm so sorry he stated'. When the surgeon here in the Lower Mainland (also from the UK) examined my nose he stated the British GP had made it much worse. He noted that 'my nose was almost at my ears'. My crowns had to be completely redone here as my gums were inflamed from the work that had been done in the UK. The crowns were too close to my gums.

After I was assaulted in Manchester, I went to a shop to buy a weapon for self-defence. I eventually bought one of those elongated sticks, which eventually broke back here in! The shop owner initially offered me a samurai sword. Perhaps I should go back there and see what he has to offer, if I move back to the UK!

As my good friend Robin, also from the UK, and now in Florida, has stated, it is difficult to get ahead financially in the UK.

The Good: I do not consider the United States a Christian nation, although it is traditionally Christianized. It is seemingly becoming more secular. There are probably more opportunities for employment as a moderately conservative theology professor there than anywhere else in the world.

The Bad: Unlike with Canada and the UK, I would not have citizenship.

The Satirical: Well Major League Soccer is not exactly major league soccer, is it? The sales job is present in the title of the league.

The Good: I have never been to the Southern Hemisphere and I have heard and read good things about both Australia and New Zealand.

The Bad: Are there many Christian Universities and colleges in these countries that would hire and moderately conservative Christian theologian? I would be a foreigner as I would be in the USA.

The Satirical: Hmm, I suppose these countries may be a little bit like the UK, but with a lot more sun, and a lot less rain, especially in Australia. I bet they do not have as many thugs there as the UK. What do you think, Russell? Sunburn could be a real issue.

If anyone via Blogger, Facebook, or just the web in general has any positive suggestions please leave a comment or send me an email.

And of course comments as usual are appreciated!

Good news, an idea:

I think that working in religious publishing is an option I will consider as well.



Talk about misfortune...


MINDEN, Nev. - Clint Malarchuk, the former NHL goalie best known for having his jugular vein slashed by a skate in a 1989 game with Buffalo, is recovering after accidentally shooting himself in the chin with a rifle.

Malarchuk's wife Christy told sheriff's deputies that the .22-calibre rifle discharged after her husband placed the butt on the ground between his legs. He had been shooting rabbits.

The 47-year-old former player, now a goalie coach with the Columbus Blue Jackets, was flown by helicopter to a Reno hospital for treatment Tuesday.

"Our concern is with Clint and his well-being," the Blue Jackets said in a statement Thursday. "We are optimistic that he will have a full recovery very soon."

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