Benny Hinn and Benny Hill

It is amazing how after spell checking that Blogger can mess up words in my final pasted copy such as occurred and occult!

I wrote an article on this same subject back over two years ago on this blog, but the very funny You Tube video has been pulled.

In my view, even in the New Testament era when Christ, certain disciples and Apostles healed people as part of their ministry, healing appeared to happen at certain times in order to demonstrate the power of God's future fulfilled Kingdom.

Let us remember that we can conclude reasonably for every person that was healed many more were not.

A problem I have with Hinn, Popoff, Angley and alike is that they seem to assume that if one has enough faith, God shall heal through their ministry, or provide a supernatural sign of sort. I believe that God can heal today, but more often than not people are suffering for a purpose other than showing God's divine healing. Healing is something everyone in Christ can look forward to at the resurrection, and I would be very willing to accept divine healing now, but my faith is not as important in the matter as God's sovereign will.

With the Hinn videos, I seriously doubt the nature of what is taking place as being from the Holy Spirit. Much of the shenanigans could be faked by Hinn and his employees. As far as the crowd/public is concerned, at the charismatic church I attended part-time in Manchester, England from 99-01, I did see some of these types of manifestations, including the shaking. Can I categorically state it was not the Holy Spirit? No. But I suggest that the monthly Sunday evening service that took place for young adults was an opportunity to whoop them up and build psychological expectations of supernatural manifestations and sure enough in some persons it occurred.

I reason Hinn and company use psychological tactics.

I believe the leadership at my church was very SINCERE in their seeking of the blessings of the Holy Spirit for the church. I need to make that clear.

I do not see a clear and relevant teaching the Holy Spirit is giving persons by having them lose control publicly in this fashion. I do know from some reading and listening on-line that like manifestations occur in the occult as well...something to ponder on. I do not claim to be an expert on the occult.

Writing articles such as this has had satire and theology placed on two lists of atheist blogs previously!

However, I am no atheist, but there is no replacement, including supernatural manifestations, for prayer, fellowship and study in the Christian life.

A supposed laughing guru. Can similar techniques be used to whoop up a 'Christian' crowd? I witnessed 'holy laughter' in London, England.

Mom, thanks for emailing me these pictures.

A tornado and lightening.

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