Should a theologian always be a Reverend?


With the recent transformation of satire and theology to an academic blog, I reason this black and blue blog now has a definitive purpose and direction in a greater measure than previously. As with this article I will share personal thoughts and reflections at an academic and yet personal level. I will use some but not several citations in articles and satire and humour will be used.

I have been comfortable with the purpose and direction of the black and red blog, thekingpin68, as an academic blog since switching it from a personal satirical blog in 2005.

Once I become a professor, I will not be able to post as many original articles, but will try to post articles from professional theological work and related. I definitely will not have the time to post as many comments on other blogs. I will no longer spend 20-30 hours a week on blogging while sitting at my computer working on a PhD. If I lose some future blog comments because I cannot comment as much on other blogs, that is too bad, but I will hopefully pick up more commenters, comments, and links through my work as a professor. As most of us bloggers realize, it is tough finding other bloggers to network with, and all of my supporters are appreciated. I will try and put the most effort into commenting on blogs where I am linked. It will obviously be quite difficult to find time to promote myself on–line in the future as I have been doing the last four years.

A blessing with blogging for me the last four years has been that for the first time in my life I am teaching and doing ministry regularly, so to speak. I unapologetically state I have no interest in becoming a Reverend or missionary. I firmly believe the Lord has guided me to a form of academic theological ministry. I have come across academics that struggle with the concept of a philosophical theologian that does not want to be a Reverend, but I think that is his or her problem, and his or her closed mind. I have assisted many persons off-line, and almost 40, 000 people in traffic have read my blogs and I am presenting a form of teaching and ministry to persons.

Browning states that in the New Testament (First Corinthians 12), teachers are an aspect of ministry. Browning (1997: 253). Two persons with Doctorates at church definitely confirmed I am teaching via these blogs. It is nice to be affirmed, although I do not necessarily expect it. W.L. Liefeld writes that ministry is a Biblical concept of service rendered to God or to people. Ministry is to edify persons with the goal of corporate maturity in Christ. Liefeld (1996: 721).

Teachers are very important in teaching Biblical doctrines.

Not all teachers in the New Testament were necessarily overseers, as in one with authority over a church.

Not all theologians, who are teachers of doctrine, need to be Reverends.

I reason there is a need in the Christian Church today for places where persons can discuss some of the difficult issues that are not usually discussed in sermons and Bible studies. I provide this ministry and learn much in the process. As long as persons are respectful we can agree to disagree as well.

Sadly someone lately has decided to attempt to post three comments after he was cut off of thekingpin68 blog for being disrespectful. He reasons Biblical Christians are sick and lost for believing in everlasting hell. Well, I presented him with Biblical, theological, and philosophical information that he did not adequately respond to.

My Dad co-owned a Chevron service station from 1973-1981. If a customer was abusive and disrespectful one of his lines was (paraphrased), ‘How did you get on this lot?', and the person would explain how. My Dad would then state, ‘Well, leave in the exact same way.’ This is a good line for me to use with blog trolls and persons that want to disrespectfully argue their agenda on my blogs. Please take your mouse and leave the same way you came, and do not waste your time trying to comment as anonymous after I would not publish comments with your name anymore. Someone attempted that this week. His comment went down like the Hindenburg.

I now really enjoy not publishing disrespectful comments, and I could really get used to sending comments to the Blogger lake of fire!;)

BROWING, W.R.F. (1997) Oxford Dictionary of the Bible, Oxford, Oxford University Press.

LIEFELD, W.L. (1996) 'Ministry’, in Walter A. Elwell (ed.), Evangelical Dictionary of Theology, Grand Rapids, Baker Books.

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