Ad hominem (example in comments)

Douglas Walton explains that argumentation ad hominem is an argument against the man. It is a personal attack against an arguer to refute the argument. In the abusive form the character of the arguer is attacked. These arguments are often used to attack an opponent unfairly. Walton (1996: 374). Simon Blackburn explains that ad hominem is attempting to disprove what a person is stating by attacking the person, or less commonly by praising the person. Commonly it is a way of arguing forcefully or not, against a view without advancing the counter argument. Blackburn (1996: 24). This latter concept would be that of arguing against a held perspective without making any reasonable counter-arguments.

BLACKBURN, SIMON (1996) Oxford Dictionary of Philosophy Oxford, Oxford University Press.

WALTON, DOUGLAS (1996) ‘Informal Fallacy’, in Robert Audi, (ed), The Cambridge Dictionary of Philosophy, Cambridge, Cambridge University Press.

I do not publish blog troll comments anymore, but in my view the most humourous one on my theology blogs was from a radical homosexual blogger that stated I was a legend in my own mind. Of course he did not stick around to debate me, he was a troll!

I will not publish blog troll comments on satire and theology or thekingpin68 anymore. But just for fun and for example, I, Russ Murray of satire and theology shall have a phony ad hominem debate with my ‘evil twin’ Russ Murray of thekingpin68. Russ takes identical photos, has all the same ailments, and is doing the same PhD, on the same topic at the same University of Wales.

Please check the comments, thanks.


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