What is with Site Meter?

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I reason that Site Meter (SiteMeter) is useful, and therefore I use it. But, I have difficulties with the program.

I have noticed since adding the BlogRush widget that BlogRush records my traffic as more than twice that of Site Meter per day. Which program should I trust? I lean towards BlogRush with the number of comments I receive (thank you very much commenters and readers!), and since I know that many times persons have stated that they read my blog, but there is no record on Site Meter of a person from that geographical area visiting. My friend from down the street comments often and I can see no record of his visits on Site Meter.

The difference in traffic from Site Meter to BlogRush is the difference between a small blog and a small/medium-sized blog. I am beginning to change the view of my growth progress slightly, but thanks to others, and God.

My satirical (fictional) explanation:

There is a ‘conspiracy’ against my blogs of course. Someone at Site Meter hates my blogs and is determined to limit my traffic, in the hopes that I shall pull the plug on my blogs and deprive the public of the beautiful images of me with different stages of sleep apnea. Perhaps the person at Site Meter is an atheist, liberal or Baptist.;)

On a serious note:

In my web searching for Christian blogs, I left a message in regard to a post involving the value of attending church and growing closer to God, although these were not the exact words of the blogger.

My reply:

True, it takes fellowship with Christians, study and prayer, all by the lead of the Holy Spirit, to be performing God’s will obediently.

The blogger answered along the lines that the primary thing for a Christian to do is focus on Christ, and that study, prayer and fellowship may be a result, but cannot replace the relationship with Christ and will not help one grow closer to Christ.

I answered:


To focus on Christ requires prayer, study, fellowship and the guidance of the Holy Spirit. One cannot adequately focus on Christ in isolation. I certainly believe in a personalized relationship with Christ, but this does not happen on its own; it requires what I noted above in order to know Christ well and do God’s will obediently. But, we can agree to disagree, but I am coming from a Reformed perspective.



My explanation:

I have come across the idea of focusing on Christ is this manner before. My points:

To focus on Christ, Biblically speaking means being guided by the Holy Spirit (John 20: 22, Acts 2). The Holy Spirit both inspired Scripture and is to guide persons as they serve Christ. In John 20 the disciples received the Holy Spirit and Pentecost occurs in Acts 2. The work of the Holy Spirit cannot be isolated from adequately knowing Christ. As a theology professor taught at TWU, the Holy Spirit is to lead the believer to Christ. Prayer is always vital in this process, the Lord’s Prayer (Matthew 6) being one example of this concept. Prayer cannot be isolated from the process of adequately knowing Christ.

Christians are to study the Scriptures (2 Timothy 3:16, 1 Peter 3:15-16, 2 Peter 1: 20-21, 3: 14-16). I reason that theological studies and other disciplines can also have importance, as all truth is God’s truth. Christ is revealed and explained through the Holy Spirit inspired Scripture. Therefore Christ cannot be known adequately without serious study of Scripture and I would reason that good theology books assist in this process. Scripture and study cannot be isolated from the process of adequately knowing Christ.

There is also the important matter of Christian fellowship in order to discuss spiritual, Biblical, theological and philosophical issues, etc. Christians are not to forsake assembling together. (Hebrews 10:25). Christians are not to interpret Christ in isolation, this is not adequate. Christ is an objective historical figure who was and is both God and man, and he is known both objectively and subjectively by the follower. To isolate knowing Christ from the Holy Spirit, prayer, study and fellowship is to risk overemphasizing the subjective at the expense of the objective.

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I would appreciate feedback concerning my third question on my philosophy of blogging. I would like to read your views.


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