Red Mole Man presents satirical thoughts

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1. Mr. Jeff Jenkins has posted an article on Dinosaur and Human footprints.

Please check it out.

As well via Jeff:

Related to Jeff's article, I do not hold to Macroevolutionary theory, however...I have a couple of male friends who are sadly hairy. I really have to wonder if they did evolve from apes. Forget Hare Krishna...Hairy Christians?

Okay, now that George Harrison song is going through my mind, My Sweet Lord with Eric Clapton's interesting guitar playing.

Harry Christians, my sweet lord. Too bad the Harrison song is about a false lord.

2. I listen to BBC Radio Five radio on the internet occasionally. I have heard two funny comments recently which I shall paraphrase. One concerns recently fired Tottenham Hotspurs manager Martin Jol. The commentator stated that it was a shame that the stout Jol was fired as it was so close to Christmas and the season to be jolly. Also recently an older cricket analyst was complaining about one of the representatives of England's cricket team. This older man stated that this player did not smile and always walked around as if he had piles.

3. In the 1990's, I went to the free 90 minute Tom Vu 'semina' twice for some laughs with friends. On one occasion Tom suggested that one look for a real estate seller who has recently had a heart attack and then make a low ball offer.

4. I try to take care of myself physically. I have flown to Florida to receive laser treatment for vitreous floaters. I have met with several ophthalmologists and asked for advice. I have had two sleep apnea related surgeries and will soon likely be receiving the third one.

However, I completely missed the boat with skin care. Perhaps thekingpin68 is a dumb macho man? I reasoned that with the hours and hours I spend by this computer, that the hour or so a day I spend outside in the often overcast Lower Mainland could not cause me skin problems. Wrong, wrong, wrong, Red Mole Man. I had four sun caused red moles growing on my face that had to be burned off this week. I feel kind of stupid, but I am glad they are gone. I do not need skin cancer to go along with my other very annoying ailments.

Red moles are kind of suspicious I guess, and one was broken open for awhile. Imagine if the red moles were somewhere else, and not on my face, perhaps I would not even be able to see them. So now every time I go outside with any sunlight I where 55 sunscreen.

This is yet another lesson that my finite nature lets me down. With our weather I assumed I only needed sunscreen in the sunniest spring/summer days, but how wrong I have been. I am glad that the Lord led me to a good MD.

5. Speaking of which, as I stated in thekingpin68 comments, my MD who is an excellent one, told me after burning off my red moles and discussing my sleep apnea problems, that we used to be able to hold our breath longer under water when we were ducks!

He then quickly backtracked, and stated, we were not ducks, but through evolution we used to be able to hold our breath under water for long periods of time.

I was believe that stuff? Where is the empirical proof that 'Homo sapiens' used to be able to exist under water for a long period?

Quack, Quack, Quack evolution is right off the track.

6. Being positive is only meaningful in the context of being realistic. Not a satirical thought, but meaningful I hope.

Apparently, he is fine.

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