Jackie Chan: actual stunts

Thanks to Solar Crash, in my links, for presenting this video. Please check out his blog.

Jackie Chan is brave and entertaining. Personally, from watching the video, if I was to attempt any of the ten stunts, I would find number six the most frightening. It appears though that number one may have caused Mr. Chan the most personal injury.

Which stunt would frighten you most to attempt?

Should a person, in particular with a wife and young children, take the risks as a stuntman that Mr. Chan does?

Would it be reasonable for a Christian to take such risks with his/her life?

I reason the work is legitimate, but I would certainly take every reasonable precaution, if it was my career.

I am thinking that Mr. Chan could write a book on how to survive horrific accidents related to his stunt attempts. In other words, for example, how to survive falling from several stories. It could practically be quite a useful book.


Below is an old article with some new comments concerning a fisherman's real life battle the Royal Bank. Please look at two comments in regard to Corporate Bully.


My Mom sent me this cartoon, and she is a senior.

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