Religious album covers

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Wade has written a related article previously:

I shall take a satirical look at some religious album covers.

Mahavishnu Orchestra with John Mclaughlin is presently one of my top two favourite recording artists of all time. This pre-Mahavishnu Orchestra album from 1970 features McLaughlin with what appears to a photograph of his Indian guru Sri Chinmoy. The person in the photograph may be in an altered state of consciousness. When I first saw this album cover in a record store I thought that it was creepy, and hardly a good advertisement for any music album or religious movement, but most fans of Mclaughlin's music probably are not too concerned with what is on the cover. In the religious and not musical context, a smile or normal pose would be good, but the 'out of it' altered state of consciousness look may attract some persons already heavily interested in Hinduism and related religions, and/or may attract 'pot heads' and 'druggies', but it probably will not cause positive religious thoughts in most persons. This by the way, in my view, is not bad since I believe that Biblical Christianity is the true religious faith and philosophy in regard to the nature of God and salvation, and not Hinduism and related religions.

Sure Mike, you are using God given power, and I admit that I do not know the point of your album cover. I realize that you may not disagree with my reasoning, but I should state that I do not see how being able to smash bricks with your bare hand makes Christianity or the Biblical God true, since there are non-Christians and persons of other religious and philosophical views that can smash bricks with their bare hands as well. In a sense from a Christian perspective, anyone that can break bricks, Christian or non-Christian, is using God given power, as God is the creator of all things.

I agree that Satan is real, but he is spirit and not a cartoon character. There is also debate among Biblical scholars and theologians on whether or not hell has literal flames. That is a funny cover as the dudes are in hell, but are still well dressed in a suit and tie.

Intro to the song Satan Is Real

It is good to see this type of choir. But in my opinion, it is in bad taste to show a person injecting himself or herself on the front cover of the album!

With the use of the terms 'touch him' the cover is likely referring to the concept of having fellowship with God and Christ. But in today's society, a satirical, homosexual type of interpretation could be made. My Mom does not understand why anyone would view this cover as funny. I suppose this may show a difference in how generations look at the use of certain terms.

It is good at times to have persons think about death, the afterlife and God's judgment and salvation for those in Christ. However, in my view, very few persons would want to purchase these album covers that are in bad taste. The second cover made me laugh.

Is this album cover from a Christian perspective, or is it of the occult? How many people would purchase such a creepy album? Not many, I would guess.

Flying missiles and atomic bombs? This is a very presumptuous cover concerning the Second Advent. As I alluded to in my recent article on thekingpin68 on the book of Revelation, there is much figurative language used and interpretations should be made carefully. The cover to me seems sensationalistic.

Is the idea of Satan being paralyzed found in Scripture? Jesus told Satan to leave him in Matthew 4: 10-11, but Satan presently is still active it appears from Scripture.

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