My plastic surgeries

Plastic surgery-definition

Surgery to remodel, repair, or restore body parts, especially by the transfer of tissue.

Thanks be to God, I am not deformed, and my heart goes out to anyone in this world that does suffer from deformity. I respect those in the medical profession worldwide that assist people that truly need plastic surgery. I also realize that there are some, especially in our Western society, that at times receive questionable procedures. I am not stating that all plastic surgery that is not for deformity is necessarily wrong. I have had some procedures done within the last few years. In July 2006, I received nasal reconstruction called Septal and tip reconstruction, right turbinate debridement. This was to assist me with my formerly very serious sleep apnea problem. A few years ago, I had eyelid surgery called Blepharoplasty for my right upper lid that was slightly droopy and did not close entirely at night, causing me to have dry eye. This consisted of burning part of the lid and stitching in the corner of my eye.

Today I am recovering from my second right lower lid temporal elevation sclera and resection and pyogenic granuloma. These surgeries were needed in order to correct the position of my right eyelid in relation with the left, as the right was moved down somewhat after my second Strabismus surgery for my weak eye, which is not very cosmetically noticeable. The Strabismus surgery was also done to correct some of my double vision that began increasing a few years ago, and is quite a bit better now. The two lower eyelid surgeries have consisted of me receiving sclera that is commonly known as the white of the eye. The sclera have both come from deceased persons. I have mixed thoughts on this issue. On one hand, it is very sad that two people have died and I benefit by using tissue from their eyes. On the other hand, in this fallen creation, which features a problem of evil, death occurs and tissue and parts from the deceased can be a benefit for the living. A few months after I received the first sclera, it developed a blood clot that eventually pushed itself out. My surgeon stated that this occurs in about ten percent of the cases. I realize that plastic surgery is a very important issue in regard to deformity and in the context of our Western society also has its satirical potential.

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