Manchester United 4 Europe 3

Some fairly quick highlights from the March 13, 2007 match. A wide open friendly with some goals worth viewing.

I went through several negative experiences while living in Manchester, England from September 1999 to July 2001. These included being bottled, burgled twice, and losing my appointment at a University due to my temporary advisor's insistence that I write from a secular and not Christian world-view. I quit the department. I also had serious untreated allergies and serious undiagnosed sleep apnea. On the positive side, I gained some Christian friends, experienced the English lifestyle, ate very good food and had home membership to Manchester United and away membership to Arsenal. I saw matches at Manchester for both United and City, and viewed matches in London, Liverpool, Leeds, and Birmingham. I truly miss attending matches with a friend from church. Manchester is not the tourist centre that London is and so if you have never visited the United Kingdom I would of course suggest visiting London for the sites and perhaps visiting Manchester. Manchester is worth seeing even if just to view Old Trafford and Manchester United. There are also a lot of University students and clubs in Manchester, but I have never been interested in clubbing much. All in all I am glad I lived in England and pleased I have my British citizenship through my Dad which makes living there again quite possible. It is difficult to completely understand life lessons from experiences but although I do not consider myself overly proud of overly egotistical, I reason the Lord reaffirmed in my mind that success or failure is largely due to his guidance. Some things are somewhat under my control, but all things are under his control. I was fortunate to become involved with the University of Wales and look forward to completing my PhD dissertation with them.


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