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For the month of April there is a taped debate featured on the resurrection, between the late Dr. Walter Martin and Dr. Dale Miller. I bought the debate on tape about 15 years ago and have since converted in to mini-disc. Martin takes a traditional, orthodox perspective and Miller attempts to explain that resurrection has a variety of Biblical meanings.

The gospels discuss a resurrected Christ who has a body of both physical and spiritual nature, and the Apostle Paul in 1 Corinthians 15: 44 explains that the resurrection body shall be spiritual. Let me be clear from Paul's perspective if Christ was not raised, there is no resurrection of the dead and preaching and the faith is in vain, as he states in 1 Corinthians 15: 13-14. Biblical Christianity cannot survive without a literal physical resurrection of Christ after completing his atoning work. This resurrection leads to the eventual resurrection of believers. Religion, or a form of cultural Christianity can exist with the primary belief in a metaphorical, figurative resurrection or resurrections, but it is not supported by Scripture. Dr. Gary Habermas has done years of academic research on the resurrection of Christ.


I think that this blog ranking and linking service is helpful, although I had to email technorati several times and eventually fax them until they finally updated my thekingpin68 philosophical theology blog after almost half a year. To me the ranking is not primary in importance as a blog's level of quality cannot be completely evaluated through a process of counting links and hits etc. However, I like knowing through technorati who is linking to my blogs and to read comments being made on other blogs. For a small blog which is less than a year old, satire and theology has done fairly well and I appreciate those who read the articles, comment and link me. Originally thekingpin68 was my only blog but I wanted to separate my philosophical theology from my satirical material and so I created kingpinned and eventually satire and theology. Kingpinned now contains photos of my comic art!:) I figure that I own the site and so I might as well use it. Thekingpin68 originally contained more articles in the beginning years of 2004-2005 and some are now on this blog in the archives. I wish that thekingpin68 was ranked higher than this blog by technorati as I put more time into the articles on that site, but I aim for the highest quality with both sites and realize that both blogs are ranked pretty well for small blogs. Satire and theology is a bit easier to read with shorter articles and has satire, sports etc. that thekingpin68 does not. Some persons are just not into reading long academic type articles and I can understand that fact. I am so busy that I do not often take the time to fully read academic blog articles, I often just skim. I recommend for those of you who may try reading thekingpin68 to try skimming. From 16 years of academic work I can tell you that skimming can be beneficial. Now of course when writing my dissertations I go over some written material again and again. Satire and theology also often offers more personal theological reflection than thekingpin68. I suppose that some who read thekingpin68 find my theology interesting but may not be interested in some of the shenanigans that go on here, and so I have two theology related blogs! I have looked at most of the rankings for bloggers that comment and link my blogs by the way. Some of you should check to see if technorati updates your rankings and links, if you care.


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