Domenico di Michelino Dante and His Poem (1465) fresco, on the wall of the church of Santa Maria del Fiore in Florence (Florence's cathedral).

Dante Alighieri is shown holding a copy of his epic poem The Divine Comedy. He is pointing to a procession of sinners being led down to the circles of Hell on the left. Behind him are the seven terraces of Purgatory, with Adam and Eve representing Earthly Paradise on top. Above them, the sun and the moon represent Heavenly Paradise, whilst on the right is Dante's home city of Florence. The illustration of Florence is self-referential, depicting the recently completed and much celebrated cathedral dome inside which the fresco is painted.

The subject of everlasting hell is related to the problem of evil. I am dealing somewhat with the subject on my PhD dissertation and questionnaire, but I discussed hell in a lecture with notes here.


More recently, Albert Mohler did a program dealing on why in his opinion, everlasting hell has somewhat disappeared from the theological scene, although it appears to be a Biblical doctrine.


Also, here is short review of the new film 300. I have not seen the film and comment on a reason why that is so.


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