Canadian Humour

My Mom sent me an email with some funny pictures that are titled Canadian humour.
I shall post two and comment on both.

Now I have never found that special woman in person, but the groom in my view did better by privately emailing his changed wedding plans as opposed to posting them on a blog article or in the comments.;) Okay, I suppose he should have at least called the rejected bride on the phone and informed her of the changed plans! On a serious note, this cartoon is perhaps a humourous exaggerated example of the sinfulness, selfishness, and lack of respect in society that often takes place within romantic relationships. In Matthew 22:39, the second great commandment is to love your neighbor as yourself, and this is repeated in Mark 12:31. The first great commandment in the New Testament is to of course love God with everything as in Matthew 22:37-38 and Mark 12:29-30. New Testament theology requires followers of God and Christ to love others is maximal ways.

In January on thekingpin68, I wrote two article on singleness:

Okay, I admit that when I was a kid I did not pick up after my German Shepherd Husky when he posted a parcel in a neighbour's yard, public park, or schoolyard, but I would clean up after my dog now as a responsible adult. When I was a kid I can remember mowing the back lawn where the dog was and just running the lawn mower right over the dog waste.

Here are three recent articles from thekingpin68 written concerning my questionnaire. I am still looking for assistance with the project.


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