The problem of evil: your input requested

Lake Ohara, BC


As part of my PhD dissertation, I am issuing a short and completely confidential and nameless problem of evil questionnaire through the internet. Anyone who is attending a Christian church, my sample group, that is interested in filling one out please let me know by leaving a comment or contacting me at

I will send a copy to those who are not within my sample group upon request as well. I will shortly be looking to sample local churches.

Here is an explanation of what is basically contained within the questionnaire.

Part 1:

Questions on basic background information, but the questionnaire remains nameless.

Questions on the church attended and religious beliefs in general terms.

Part 2:

Questions on the nature of God.

Questions relating to free will, sovereignty, and soul-making views on the problem of evil.

Questions relating to practical theology from a feminist perspective.

Part 3:

Questions concerning society and the problem of evil.

Thanks for reading.

Russ Murray

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