La Villa Strangiato-Pinkpop 1979

A fine instrumental clip from the Netherlands in 1979. This piece features hard rock/classical fusion.

Some points:

In Bible Study the last two weeks there has been a "Phantom flatulator" who does rather loud ones from another room as the study is ending. I am not sure if this is an unofficial signal that the study has ended and that we should all go home. I personally would prefer a bell sound.

According to The Worst-Case Scenario: Little Book for Dating:

One should ask a date a personal question and if the person looks to the right when the answering he/she is often recalling and telling the truth, and if he/she looks to the left they are creating or spinning events. p 10. Hmm, I would like to see the scientific data on that claim!

In regard to the problem of evil questionnaires, I appreciate the support I have received so far with a few people accepting and returning surveys via the internet and a few friends locally who are willing to hand them out to people that attend churches. My previous advisor had suggested I would need 400 surveys filled out but my new advisor has not provided a number. My goal is to have at least 100 questionnaires completed. A pastor today suggested that it would be great if I could sample everyone, including those of other religions such as Hindus. I completely agree that this would be fascinating and would make my work easier, but because my University requires me to obtain my information from a sample, I have to limit my questionnaire to a group. Since I attend a Christian church and I am writing Christian theology, persons that attend Christian churches are my sample group. As noted previously I can send the questionnaire out to anyone upon request even if I cannot count them in my sample group. The following article explains sample:

I listened to this interesting discussion on global warming the other day:

Donald Trump is asked about President Bush:


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