Merry Christmas and Happy New Year's 2011 (Audio)

Christmas photos from

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Christmas market, Montpellier, France

Vancouver, BC

Rossio Square, Lisbon, Portugal

Rome, Italy

Kansas City, Missouri

This one I received via email.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year To All!

With the audio message, I wanted to write a few words concerning this blog. Even though this blog awhile back passed my other blog, thekingpin68 in average monthly traffic, I still struggled somewhat with the purpose for this blog. With the other blog, it has been for a long time clear in purpose with philosophical theology, philosophy of religion, and Biblical Studies, especially now once again that I have a decent scanner and can work with New Testament Greek properly.

With this blog is just became so obvious that when I did news related theological posts the blog did reasonably well. I will continue to write theological, philosophical, and satirical posts related to the news and Islam and other comparative religions in regard to Christianity and within Christianity. So, I may write about groups considered academically non-Christian and compare and I may write about other groups considered Christian and compare.

This is an academic and spiritual exercise. A couple of persons messaged me on Facebook in regard to Islam, as in a concern that my articles risked a non-loving approach. Look, I do not hate Muslims or any people or group, and anyone that wants to get on this blog and start writing that kind of stuff about me, please do not bother in regard to Islam or any group because that is simply not the case and any person that knows me well would support me on that point.

I subscribe to Matthew 22 and Mark 12 and so I am to love God with all my heart, soul and mind, and my neigbour as my self.

I am also to love my other Christians as in John 13.

But there are also Biblical calls to stand up for the truth as with 2 Timothy 15 and 1 Peter 3: 13-17.

Therefore, as a Christian I need to stand on this blog in both love and truth.:)

Again, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

This is me in my 'Michelin Man' BC winter jacket back in 2008. The older gentlemen and owner of the house, I presume, came out for a few seconds to see which persons were in front of his place and then quickly went back inside.

'But sir, I am a theologian.' I thought. And then I thought, 'On the other hand, it is nice not to be hassled'.

The first scan is from Browning page 63, the other Oliver page 220. I only scanned part of Oliver.

BROWNING, W.R.F. (1997) Oxford Dictionary of the Bible, Oxford, Oxford University Press.

OLIVER, O.G. Jr. (1996) ‘Christmas’, in Walter A. Elwell (ed.), Evangelical Dictionary of Theology, Grand Rapids, Baker Books.

My framed PhD degree document will stay wrapped up until after my graduation party in March.

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