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My good friend and basically neighbour Bobby Buff, also known as Walter Thomas Franklin, has stated that I should put together a post with some of my statements/quotes.

Jeff Jenkins has stated he keeps track of some of my statements.

So, yes this is like a television episode where they use a lot of footage from old episodes.

However, since my readership is slowly growing, much of the material should be new to the reader.

And comments are a huge part of my two blogs, and they almost always contain new content.

My blogs posts are never ever really duplicated.

There is some new content with this post, in the main body, as well.

From satire and theology:

How to blow-up your blog without thinking too much

'When someone leaves a comment on your blog, either completely ignore the comment, or better yet erase it later after it has been published. Make sure you come across to your readers with that 'What the hell do you want', type of attitude. Treat your blog commenters like they are telemarketers while your favourite television show is on.'

Remember, 'Stranger Danger'! (June 4, 2010)

'Use plenty of ad hominem personal attacks in all your articles and comments. If someone disagrees with you make sure you state that they must hate you and what you stand for with your blog. Imply you are the Blogosphere's Mother Teresa/Gandhi/non-resistant Mennonite as you use vicious ad hominem attacks against your readers that disagree with you in any major way.

Reason that it is okay for you to viciously attack your critics, because you are 'right' and since they are 'wrong' as they disagree with you, and they obviously must hate you.'

From satire and theology


'I am not suggesting theocracy, but the need for more rational common sense ways of looking at humanity and therefore how government should be run.'

'I would not desire for one religion to be favoured as those citizens outside of the religion could face persecution, and in the extreme case of a state church be considered to be committing treason.'

'I do not support any primarily human attempt at establishing theocracy.

A primarily human attempt at theocracy does not guarantee Biblically based rule through the guidance of the true God.'

'In the present age, I favour democracy over theocracy.'

From satire and theology

The non-conformist of the year awards

'Mr. Jackson is wisely not a supporter of the theory of macroevolution, however, if he saw my hairy friends Chucky and Deeaaaan, he may reconsider.'

From satire and theology

Recent comments on other blogs (because that is how I roll)

'Is gay the new black?

Biblically, it is natural to be black, but not natural to be homosexual.

Blacks are not condemned for being such, but homosexual acts are condemned.'

So, no gay is not the new black. (June 4, 2010.)

From thekingpin68

No surprise this is Canada

'I would have preferred to see the court state the obvious, that marriage traditionally has encompassed a man and a woman, and for good reasons. The union of a man and woman can, if normal health (and if they are of childbearing age (June 4, 2010)) is present, lead to the sexual production of a family. Homosexual marriage cannot lead to the production of a family unit, even if both partners are completely healthy. This is clearly a difference between heterosexual and homosexual unions, and as one critic argued, the latter are really homosensual unions.'

From thekingpin68

Arminianism and Free Will


It must be noted that Arminianism is not Pelagianism. Pelagianism believes that human beings can achieve salvation from their own powers. It is believed that human beings can choose in free will, good or evil. Original sin was a bad example, and not inherited. Yarnold (1999: 435).'

'Arminianism holds to original sin and human corruption and that people are not able to do good without prevenient grace. Grider (1996: 80). Prevenient grace could be explained as preceding grace.'

'In my understanding the fallen human being has a limited free will that freely rejects God, and through the salvation process God enables the believer to freely follow Christ.

By limited free will I accept the idea that a fallen human being is free in the sense that he/she can be restored by God if elected (and regenerated (June 4, 2010)), but not free in a way the he/she could be saved through prevenient grace.'

From thekingpin68

Begging the question

'Begging the question would be if a person specifically argued the conclusion of an argument within a premise.'

Here are some additional sayings of mine:

'Life is fatastic'.

'Life is flabulous'.

'My floaters are a real problem of evil' (They will be gone very soon).

'Bloggers that do not want to reciprocally link can enjoy writing their own personal online diaries, unless they are already well-known in the field they are blogging about.'

'Excuse me, this is the web and you have a public blog, this means strangers can read your posts and comment.'

'Stranger Danger!'

'You can always turn comments off, and/or make your blog private'.

'You are a gentleman and a skull hair'.

'The radical fundamentalists and radical liberals tend not to support my work. My support mostly comes from moderate conservatives and moderate liberals. Mostly conservatives.'

'I am a moderate conservative.'

'I am so muscular I have a twelve pack.'

'Let's see, here in BC, we do not have a lot of police, do not have a large military, do not have a lot of hospitals, do not have a lot of freeways, and do not have a lot of rapid transit.

Yet we pay close to half of money earned to governments for taxes, plus sales taxes and other fees.

Where does all this money go? I think something is wrong.'

GRIDER, J.K. (1996) 'Arminianism', in Walter A. Elwell (ed.). Evangelical Dictionary of Theology, Grand Rapids, Baker Books.

YARNOLD, E.J. (1999) 'Pelagianism', in Alan Richardson and John Bowden (eds.), A New Dictionary of Christian Theology, Kent, SCM Press Ltd.

Below is some of Jeff Jenkins' work for my blogs over the last few years.

Happiness is a spice from Rick Beaudin.

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