Christmas/holiday season satire

I dedicate this posting to Mom who has been sending me several emails concerning the secularisation of Christmas. Thanks, Mom. My thinking is that as long as our secular Western governments celebrate Christmas Day as an official holiday, governments, organizations and individuals in society should allow without protest the celebration of Christmas as a Christian holiday, and the celebration of Christmas as a secular holiday. If Christmas is deemed as discriminating against other religious or philosophical views by a government, organizations and individuals in a particular political jurisdiction, then a government could, I suppose, consider changing the name of the holiday to something other than Christmas. However, to me it is unreasonable for an entity or person to legally or otherwise, oppose the Christian aspects of Christmas being celebrated in secular Western society when the holiday is at its roots, Christian, but has also developed into a secular holiday. Let us use common sense. With the way human beings can be, there may be some forces within radical liberal Christianity that want to maintain the religious nature of Christmas, but remove the gospel message from it. Keeping Christmas a Christian and/or religious holiday is not necessarily maintaining it in a traditional Christian sense.

What if my preference is Christmas?

Spending less money and more time with family and friends is a good idea, perhaps.

Some of the 'Banners' need to be banned.

Or the radical liberals can keep baby Jesus and just redefine him for 21st Century consumption.

Or celebrate the birth of the Jesus of choice, if the Biblical one is too exclusive for you.

Do complaints always merit change?

I have no idea if this took place during Christmas season, but in warmer climates some people like to play golf during the holidays. This picture is apparently not a fake.

I rarely drink, but seasonal holiday drinking within these photos may have been understood as yearly holiday drinking. Perhaps for some involved, life in one long holiday. Isaiah 28:7 clause c describes men of Ephraim who are confused by wine, and stagger from strong drink. This seems relevant here.

Will you take your kids to McDonalds this Christmas season? Not anymore, Ronald is dead by hanging. Did he kill himself after losing the Dairy Queen to the Burger King, or Wendy to Colonel Sanders? Seriously, I have nothing against McDonalds, and if they want to improve their public image they should look at producing healthier food and making it known to the public that this is taking place. Also, so many of their restaurants in the Lower Mainland are unclean. This could be fixed with some cleaning product.

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