Blue Santa

Blue Santa

Happy Christmas and Merry New Year.

I suppose Blue Santa is an interesting marketing idea, and something different. Someone in this complex has a Blue Santa decoration outside their door.

The website states:

Sometimes Santa just gets a little tired of wearing the same ol' red suit. So to spice things up, he throws on his sky blue outfit every once in a while!

I am not against Blue Santa at all, but commercialism and professional sports comes to mind. Blue Santa makes me think it is Santa's away/alternate uniform/kit (depending on where you live). If Blue Santa can catch on there is money to be made.

On the other hand, here are some pictures of Blue Santa performing charitable works off the web and so Blue Santa can be just as much of a benefit to society as Red Santa. Perhaps they are twins, or Santa just wears the away/alternate uniform/kit sometimes.

This time of year in the Northern Hemisphere, drivers can be faced with dangerous road conditions and dangerous drivers. These clips are entertaining but driving this time of year has me ponder on human mortality. It is so much easier in this world to destroy than create and traffic accidents demonstrate this well. Hebrews 9:27 comes to mind as it appointed for persons to die and after this comes judgment.

Icy Russian tunnel: One can turn the volume down as the crashes cannot be heard. I am not a fan of the song, but this video version is good and the other comparable versions featured a dance number or a song filled with the 'f' word.

December 23, 2007: A minivan crashes into Chicago's ABC7's State Street studio Sunday night during the live news. Cousin Ray, I hope you were not involved. I like the comment about the formerly cosy studio now having a draft.

In the comments, Chucky has mentioned Green Santa, who is from Japan.

No surprise, White Santa.

The traditional Red Santa, for contrast.

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