Site Meter, Red Dwarf and Elvis

1. This is one of my favourite episodes from Red Dwarf. The clips are short.

Red Dwarf IV - Meltdown - Elvis & Pope Gregory

Red Dwarf IV - Meltdown - Ready For Battle

2. I received a good review for my statistics chapter and I am now working on revisions. Things are looking promising for the PhD!

3. I realize that a few new readers check out this blog and likely do not scroll all the way down the page, or look in the archives. Unlike most blogs, I have all my postings available on one page. I like this and it is part of my philosophy that all my articles are open for revision. Here are some of the older postings that I know through Site Meter receive a fair amount of views through web searches. Please check them out if they are new to you and interest.

The above is very funny as an angry preacher with bad language asks for $250,000.

The above is my most popular posting. I think the title has a lot to do with it.

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