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Bear Lake, Colorado (photo from trekearth.com)

Being positive is only meaningful in the context of being realistic.

In the 1990's, I went to the free 90 minute Tom Vu 'semina' twice for some laughs with friends. On one occasion Tom suggested that one look for a real estate seller who has recently had a heart attack and then make a low ball offer.

After coming home from Britain in 2001, my good friend with the alias Bobby Buff, announced to me that he had the best build of all his friends. In 2006, he officially retired from body-building and is now a weight trainer. The body-building world mourns.

Facebook graffiti and another tribute to Bob Ross...there.

Perhaps for some, there is more money to be made in selling systems and seminars than there is in the actual business for which they are selling systems and seminars.

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"A lot of your friends will tell you, 'Don't come to the seminar. It's a get-rich-quick plan.' Well, tell them, it is a get-rich-quick plan because life is too short to get rich slow."
"Tom Vu says his system is different than other experts'."
"Okay. You've seen me make a lot of money. You've seen my students who are average people make a lot of money. Isn't is about time for you to go out and make a lot of money?"
"There's two kinds of work in America: hard work and smart work. Which one are you doing now?"
"This is not a country club! This is my house!"
"Today I'm gonna show you how to drive a sports car. First, you need a lot of money!"
"Don't listen to your friends. They're losers!"
"Do you think these girls like me? NO, they like my money!"
"At first I got lots of discouragement from friends and stranger who are loser! You know what these people kept telling me? They kept saying, 'Well Tom Vu, you a crazy nut, here you are, a poor immigrant, poor minority, speak no English, no contact, on and on, and you trying to be rich in America! You crazy, man! Look at people out there! They smarter than you are, they not even rich! Who are you to try?' And you know what? I have to keep telling these people every time, I kept saying, 'You are loser! Get out of my way! I make it somehow!'"

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