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When I first viewed this image on the web, I thought of my friend Chucky. I also reasoned on how useful such a silly invention could be for those of us that both have blogs and comment on blogs. For Chucky, this would allow him to perform his software engineering work while exercising and walking in the park, hiking, or while in Vancouver looking for a jazz show. It would allow me to post and edit articles while going for my hour long walks. Imagine writing, posting and editing blog articles, burning calories and building muscle mass all at the same time...ingenious!;) In the case of Chuck and I, we could play our innovative, complex, and yet irritating to many, Rush and Mahavishnu Orchestra bootlegs while walking on public streets. I have not personally sold bootleg recordings, but I suppose this contraption could provide the opportunity. I am thinking now that this contraption needs a freezer in order to sell ice cream and make some extra summer cash.

Okay, I have received two of these goofy emails now, and I thought I would share the second one.


to someone else.

up a creek without

Hire! What are you up to? Email me at info only. I am female. Don't miss some of my naughty pictures. over and just play. standpoint, which Noted pediatrician and author discretion in relation

From the New American Standard Bible

Proverbs 7:25, discusses the wiles of a harlot:

Do not let your heart turn aside to her ways, do not stray into her paths.

Emailing with a woman who is perhaps a scammer and may or not offer something sexual through the web, is not the same as visiting a harlot or loose woman, but a Christian should avoid the temptations of questionable women. I have done so with God's help, but I do not claim moral perfection.

I have received many Site Meter hits for my Facebook Graffiti One article. I find this amusing.

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