Merry Christmas: A short audio message to readers

I like Christmas art.

Brand new. Thanks, Jeff!

Thoughts and Theology

The previous audio posts I presented from no longer have the audio as my account was deleted without my permission. I have set up a new account with filefreak. My audio posts I presented with Shaw prior to filefreak still have the audio but I maxed my space allowed with the Shaw account and therefore looked for another host. I have all my audio presentations and some outtakes saved on disc, but I suppose at this point I will not bother replacing the missing audio on those archived audio posts.

Let us move forward with my short audio post for my readers with the link below...

xmas 09.mp3

Some topics discussed in the audio presentation:

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Stranger Danger

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Jeff Jenkins of Thoughts and Theology and his fine work from Christmas 2008:

Good one from The Jeff.

The photo below was sent to me today. One of the most amazing I have ever seen, in my opinion.


Photo of the day: 3 June 2008

'A car collides into cyclists participating in a race in Mexico's northern border city of Matamoros. At least one person was killed and 14 injured'

A fascinating photo and horrible crash. The death resulting was tragic and what was the driver of the car thinking?


A reply to a critic

Through a Facebook friend it has been brought to my attention that a Facebook friend of this person thought my audio presentation lacked energy and content. This second critic has worked with television and radio. Basically the critique was similar to that of my own friend mentioned in the audio presentation.

1. My presentation is careful as a presentation should be with theology, philosophy or religion and Biblical Studies. I should not rush through it for the sake of energy and enthusiasm. I am also trying to avoid misspeaking. Technical accuracy here is more important than motivational content. This is I realize, is not necessarily the case in all kinds of speaking.

2. No matter what is reasonably done, some/many will never enjoy or appreciate theological presentations. This was the case with my undergrad teaching internship. I have had two internships.

3. Most theology (and related) professors are dry in comparison to what I have been presenting. Believe me my work would pretty much be progressive with the humour and such. Remember I sat through related teaching for seven years of course work. Often a yawwwn. Yes, even for me. This is a reason I make things short by the way!

4. The critic is probably not in a position to judge my theological content by merely having worked in media.

Therefore the critique is largely misplaced, although I agree that much of the problem is with the typical listener.

I have admitted that I am trying to improve in presentation. I do not have a media related degree.

I am not God's gift to theology, women, or radio.;)

Happy Holidays

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