Space: real and phony

Below are two interesting fairly short clips concerning the size of the Universe. The second clip I originally viewed on Finishing Well from my links.

It would only take 10 billion light years of travel to see a theoretical view of the Universe in its large scale structure. Although I view God alone as being truly infinite, the Universe is certainly beyond the complete comprehension of any human being and scientist. Astronomy is an interesting science and I support the exploration of space, but I doubt God could be found by travelling beyond the known Universe. I reason God created matter in Genesis 1 and is therefore infinite, eternal and beyond matter and yet can exist and interact within his creation.

I found the humorous clip from Space 1999 below. I remember watching this British show in the 1970s as a kid on CBC in the time slot before Hockey Night in Canada. I used to think the show was really weird and looking at the monsters, I was probably right. The monsters seem to rely on a fear of the unknown and a cheap budget. I think that Chucky, Bobby and I could dress up in costumes and probably do almost as well as the ones presented. The one monster makes me think of a really mouldy piece of cheese with eyes.

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