Attacked in church

I am quite busy with final PhD dissertation revisions, but I will post two short video clips.

I do not know if the attack from the video clip was random and unprovoked and had nothing to do with past events, but I have short questions for my readers. Is a physical attack in church to be handled differently than any other attack? I think not. If you were attacked in church would you defend yourself? If I was a struck by a person in church I may willingly absorb and defend one strike and then hope the attacker would settle down. Perhaps the attacker would be expressing anger with God and could eventually be reasoned with. I would not willingly tolerate another strike. In the case of a weapons attack against myself, a pastor or someone else, there is no room to allow, if possible, a first strike, and certainly not a second one, as that could be fatal. With the occasional news story concerning church attacks, I have pondered on this issue.

From my childhood, this is the classic CBC logo and station identification from the 1970s. Do you like it? I can appreciate the logo and colours but do not like the music very much. To me the music and approach of the station identification, perhaps represents the out of touch nature of the CBC with the general public, particularly at that time. I doubt most Canadians would collect or relate to the type of synthesized music being played. Quite possibly, some abstract artist somewhere thought it was cool, and the CBC went with it.

Rick Beaudin provides these excellent cookies...

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