Definitely not my profile

I am occasionally on a Christian dating site for 'free days'. I try to present the best possible profile, and this one is not mine!

Profile Particulars Age: 45-50, but look way older and extinguished
Height: 4 ft 11
Marital Status: Bachelor until the rapture
Weight: 350 lbs
Education: Grade 7 3x
Eyes - Vision: Cross-eyed, but I consider myself a visionary
Federal Employee (welfare)
Eye Color: Black and Blue
Salary: I don't like vegetables
Hair Color: Bald by choice, but I have an Elvis hair tat
Race: I went for a run back in 1987
Hair Length: I was an extra on Planet of the Apes, and did not wear makeup or a costume
Region: Next to Bob Marshall, near the 7 11
Body Type: Goodyear
Have Children?: I donated to this bank, back in the 1980's
Do you smoke?: Yes, but I have not tried everything, yet
Children at home: No, I told yea they were donated
Drink: Only on my days off
Want Children?: Sure at Christmas
People would describe your looks as: Big, bald and bountiful
Denomination: My own interpretation of the Bible
People would describe your intellect as: I think I own an Intel computer and it's two years old
Church Involvement: On Sunday, I thank God for the nachos
Favorite reading: The funnies while I am on the throne
Christian Faith: I watch them t.v. evangelists sometimes and I love them prayer cloths
Organizational Habits: Who needs it, live and let die
Mood: Fine, as long as I have my pills from my doctor
Personality type: I think AB positive
Sense of Humor?: Better since I got out of the joint
Any Pets: I am not sure if they are mice or rats
Favorite Outdoor Activity: Walking to the bus stop
Fashion Sense: Real men don't need fashion, they just throw on that t-shirt and jeans, every week
Transportation: The bus
Favorite Music: Death Metal and Rap
Travel: I have been two towns east of here, and three towns west
Quirks/Habits?: Na, I am totally normal according to my shrink
Type of relationship: A nice girl to make me nachos during the football games, and help me pay my gamblin' debts

Is this why the guy takes the bus?

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