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Some recent paraphrased comments:

a) thekingpin68 (me): "Well I need to go over my two chapters I have revised and add some more liberal sources perhaps".

Person X: "Oh come on you need to show some integrity".

Please see my article on my other blog on this subject:

As a conservative philosophical theologian I can accept the well meaning advice of this senior and well educated person. However, I do not think that in any way by following my secular University advisor's advice to add some mainline Christian perspectives to counter my conservative ones, am I risking not showing integrity. If I want to pass my dissertation I need to follow the rules of the institution I attend and their standards. By including liberal views in my work in no way means I sanction them. In a secular UK research degree I cannot create my own gospel orientated work. In the beginning with a different advisor I tried to write a dissertation with many somewhat original conservative philosophical arguments with little time spent on counter arguments, but this was deemed unacceptable. In my present situation I do not have the time and money to attempt to enter a theology program at a conservative Christian institution and I do not want to be working on a PhD in my forties. My theodicy (theory of dealing with the problem of evil) has not been challenged and I shall be pleased to succeed in passing my PhD with my own theodicy embedded within.

b) "It is better to be alone, than be with the wrong person". Co-host Jeff from the Doc Love program, a secular internet dating show:

I have been in the Christian community for a number of years and have never met someone special. Genesis 2:18 states that it is not good for a man to be alone and in 1 Corinthians, Chapter 7 it notes that each man should marry his own wife to avoid immoralities. The Apostle Paul was single and content as he wrote in 7:7 and therefore many Christians I have heard seem to assume that a Christian will either be blessed with a mate or be content. I think that is too simplistic of an idea. This is where theodicy is important and I reason that I am neither blessed with a mate, nor content and that is God's will, at least for now, and there is no guarantee things will change. I agree with Jeff that it is better to be alone than to settle for what will not fulfill me spiritually, intellectually, and physically as a Christian.

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