Pardew vs. Wenger

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Wenger, Pardew to explain to FA

Written by: Michiel van Blommestein

LONDON, Nov 8 (Sw) - The FA has charged both Arsene Wenger and Alan Pardew for their bust up during last weekend's West Ham vs Arsenal game.

The incident took place when West Ham's Marlon Harewood scored the winner right before full time. Pardew's celebrations visibly irritated Wenger, who lashed out at West Ham's manager.

Wenger refused to shake hands with Pardew afterwards, and left without addressing the gathered press.

The FA will now look into the matter, and are planning to charge both coaches with improper conduct.

Pardew has since apologised to Wenger for his conduct. The Managers' Association are currently mediating in the conflict.

The West Ham board are adamant about Pardew's innocence in the tussle. "Alan Pardew has the full backing of the board with regards to this charge, which will be defended vigorously," said Paul Aldridge, the managing director to the BBC.

I can relate to the events in this somewhat humourous clip, which could be considered a satirical look at football. Like Arsene Wenger, I hate to lose. As a child I was not very confident and not as successful as I should have been. As a result, if I failed in some type of sport or game I could not handle the loss well. However, as a young adult God has guided me to be somewhat successful, and quite successful academically, although I do not quite have my PhD as of yet, and I am not a professor, although I believe this shall happen.

Learning how to handle failure and defeat is an important lesson in life. As I continue to study the Bible, and theology I realize daily that I am a finite, and sinful person, like every other person who has ever existed other than Christ who was both infinite God, and finite man without sin. Since I am finite, the best I can do is ask for God's help in all things, and understand that I am average at many things, and excellent at a few things, therefore if I have done my intellectual and physical best in a sport or game I need not become too angry if I fail or lose somehow. I was not on the sideline so I do not know if Alan Pardew was acting like a sore winner or not. However, I despise the actions of sore winners more than sore losers, but even if a person acts like a sore winner in my life, I should realize that I have trusted in God and done my best as a human being who is both finite and sinful.

I appreciate the New Revised Standard Version translation of James 3: 2 where it states:

For all of us make many mistakes. Anyone who makes no mistakes in speaking is perfect, able to keep the whole body in check with a bridle.

I too make mistakes, some of them moral, because of sin, and others because of limitations as a finite being. I can therefore expect failure in life, although I hate it. Thankfully God is there to guide me in his will despite my mistakes.

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